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Thread: Elementary Kreta question

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    Elementary Kreta question

    Hi gents,

    On the Maleme map is the river bed suppossed to be at level -1?

    My opponent & I don't see anywhere where it states that it is lower and this being ASL we're not sure if we should assume it. In spite of the fact that you can gain crest status on the river bank we can see how the bank could be only a foot or high...just enough to give some cover if right next to it. Anyway we are confused about it? Do the designers frequent this website?

    Anyone know? How are others playing it?


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    Re: Elementary Kreta question

    John, by jove, I think you are are right. I say think because I could'nt find it either after a cursory search.I don't recall that we caught that the riverbed is not mentioned as level -1. However, we did it play it that way, particularly because of the ability to take crest status (as Gully), but also because of the historical references mentioning the riverbed being the only place the Germans glider landed where they did not get shot to pieces. I believe the designer or some other SME will be by for a clarification.

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    Re: Elementary Kreta question

    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be -1 level.

    Footnote #4 states that the bridge was a "key objective of the glider assault force. It was vital to capture the bridge intact in order to enhance the flow of fallschirmjagers landing west of the river in their attack eastwards against the airfield and Hill 107". This would hardly be the case if the river bed was only one or two feet lower than the surrounding terrain.

    But I'm sure the designer(s) will confirm that I'm right - or wrong.
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    Re: Elementary Kreta question

    SamB is right.

    Yes, it is at level -1. That could and should have been stated more clearly in OM2. Blame it on me (being too close to the subject matter I over looked this, as did the rest of the co-designers).

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    Re: Elementary Kreta question

    OK...thanks again.

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