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Thread: Sony Unveils PSP Successor

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    Sony Unveils PSP Successor

    Sony Announces NGP

    Many recent rumours about the device’s capabilities have turned out to be true. The handheld includes a 5-inch OLED screen, dual sticks, 3G, Wifi, front and rear cameras, front and rear touch pads, Sixaxis motion control and a three-axis compass. It has a quad-core ARM CPU, GPS and Bluetooth.

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    Re: Sony Unveils PSP Successor

    Sometimes tech specs matter some times not.

    I already own a Nintendo DSi XL, so when I look at the PSP2, the thing that enters my mind, is what does this offer me I don't already have.

    My screen is 4.5 on a diagonal. Thus my screen is about the same size. Thus being out of pocket for the PSP2 means no screen size increase for several hundred bucks. Pass.

    I own an Acekard, so yeah, short of you telling me there are a LOT of games available for the PSP2 you have not thrill value to me personally.

    I hear it will be using flashcart tech and that sounds functionally appealing though.

    I hear the battery is a never ever replaceable, which seems to indicate when the battery dies, the PSP dies unless you plug it in. Like that kills the point of getting one eh. If I am going to have to sit by an outlet, I'll just use this laptop.

    It having a better resolution will only be so thrilling in the end. 3d doesn't mean squat to me either.

    Pity THIS isn't a phone, that might have made a difference.
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