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Thread: Long March CG

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    Exclamation Long March CG

    I am playing the Long March CG.
    My KMT (with 72CVP of men) scored 29 CVP against Ramis Reds (17 CVP gained and starting with 55CVP) but still lost the scenario (6CGVP to Rami and 4 CGVP to me)

    However, we are now looking at LM3 - The Culling at Xiang River... and there are problems.
    • Either the picture showing Bd 5 is around the wrong way, or the number showing the facing of the board is incorrect
    • If the Reds Setup HIP on/East of hexrow I with the board setup going by the numbers then they are staggered across Bd7 and Bd5 in 2 split setup zones.
    • If they setup HIP as per the picture of Bd7 and Bd5 then they are completely useless and the KMT can just waltz in to claim the victory locations without a concern in the world.

  2. Can someone point me to errata. Or can Jay Long let us know which is the correct way to setup for this game? I am AARing it as usual so this means there will be a source for the correct reading of the cards
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    Re: Long March CG

    Red Army should set up HIP on/south of hexrow I and east of river.

    I have a more detailed post in your other thread in the main ASL section. In summary, arrange the boards according to the board numbers not the board graphic and read the PLA setup as on/south of hexrow I on board 5 and (the two hexes of) Y on board 7. This leaves the PLA between the KMT and the victory hexes.

    There is a problem with LM8 and the CG tables, but see
    for more details.

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    Re: Long March CG

    Correction for LM3 noted -south of I on board 5 and Y on board 7-
    Any answer about the right numbers in the Campaign Game Information Table from HoB ?

    XXXXX is not a complete game; ownership of the Advanced Squad Leader game system and 25 full-years-exclusive-only-dedication are required to play the scenarios herein

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    Re: Long March CG

    Just so there is no confusion, I am not, nor ever have ever been part of HoB. My "correction" to LM 3 is based upon logic, trying to make a workable and logically consistent scenario with the minimum of change to the wording, ... and a fair bit of guessing of the original intent. It is not an official HoB erratum. I am just an interested outsider.

    Check the link in post 2 for more detailed reasoning.

    As far as the CG table is concerned, the thread
    is the last I heard from HoB about the CG table.

    The set of figures that I calculated are just that, my calculations, and may in one or two cases be wrong. Just use the number to the left of any "+" sign, IE the infantry part only. If any one finds an error in my calculations, then the best thing is to resurrect that thread and post there so they are all in the one thread.

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