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Thread: ATS - New Eras - Thoughts?

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    ATS - New Eras - Thoughts?

    Hi All,
    So it seems that CH is taking it's ATS series and its ASL-Comp series into several interesting directions, some of which interest me, others of which do not. What's the peanut gallery's opinion of each of these?

    1) Civil War ATS - not of interest to me, but it seems hard to go wrong with this subject.

    2) World War I ASL-Comp - I don't know if an ATS version will follow, but it should be easy enough to do. The traditional WWI battlefield doesn't interest me much, but I might be intrigued by something exploring the development of Stormtroop Tactics (see the book by Bruce Gudmundsson)

    3) Vietnam ATS - this is the one about which I'm actually excited - it has great potential but it can also get entangled in emotions (e.g. in the same fashion Finns were made into Supermen in Mannerheim's Cross)

    4) Algerian War ATS - Similar to the Vietnam direction, this could be really interesting depending upon how it's developed.

    Frankly, once they're into Vietnam, the rest of the late 20th century conflicts become possible with the only issue being map and counter development.


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    Re: ATS - New Eras - Thoughts?

    I think ATS on this site is as dead as fried chicken...

    I would be very interested in the Vietnam era ATS, looking forward to the new Field Manual as well.

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    Re: ATS - New Eras - Thoughts?

    Just for the sake of saying something to make it less dead, I will toss out some almost completely uneducated comments about the subject.

    I've never actually played ATS, though some of my ASL friends have. I have a very basic understanding of the similarities and differences between the two systems. My friends seem to feel that where ATS really shines is in the armor combat; this suggests that the best wars to expand to would be ones with armor-on-armor fighting... which pretty much means the Arab-Israeli Wars or bust, IIRC.

    Speaking of which, did the Jerusalem module ever get converted to ATS (or was it ATS from the get-go)? Any one have comments about how it played in ATS? My ASL friend who tried it found that it didn't really make for a very good ASL fight, with everything at low FP but point blank range, leading to almost constant close combats.


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