Saw this at Future Shop today. Both a plain version and a Collector's Edition - looks like the CE has the "original" ST uniforms that were the bonus items that we talked about in another thread, that went to beta testers? The CE seemed kind of lean on content for 30 dollars extra. A brushed aluminum box, a communicator pin (that didn't do anything??) and in-game uniforms that already went to beta testers? Correct me if I'm wrong but is that it?

I have too much on my plate at work to devote to investing in this now.

By comparison the LOTRo special edition had a replica of The Ring on a gold chain which was far too enticing for me to pass on. It also had an imitation silk map and some other goodies that made it more palatable.

Come to think of it, both STO and LOTRO came with additional coupons to let friends play for free - that's no enticement for me - I consider these "guilty pleasures" not something I'd brag about to friends and coworkers. And at worst, it's just free advertising for the company, sort of like putting a Nike swirl on my golf shirt. Like, you should be paying ME for that.