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Thread: arab israeli wars

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    arab israeli wars

    Anyone play this? I love the old AH game and the period. Im not really interested in another system right now but I put this on my wish list, as well as the Korea one.
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    Re: arab israeli wars

    Guessing this was meant for a forum other than the specific ATS forum, but just in case....

    There is ATS Briefing #2 which includes a bunch of Arab-Israeli war scenarios. It does require already owning a rulebook & charts, at least one mapsheet from ATS Tobruk (available separately) and ATS information counters that come with any of the "complete game" ATS titles (though these are also available for separate purchase, making it possible to own & play the scenarios in ATS Briefing #2 without owning the base Tobruk game). It's my understanding that the scenarios are from '48 to '67 - nothing on the '73 war (which *was* included in the original AH Arab-Israeli Wars product).

    With ATS' continued expansion into the modern era (LZ X-Ray and ATS Briefing #2) some of the weapon systems not evident in the WW2-era games will make a '73 War ATS game a possibility (ATGM's make an appearance in the ATS Briefing #2 scenarios).

    [edited to add:] The advertisement on the main CH page has an entry for a 2nd edition of the ASL version (Genesis '48) which makes reference to scenarios taking place in 1973, which I don't recall being a part of any earlier CH effort on the genre.

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