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    Almost Pen & Paper

    I couldn't find a forum for pbem text-based games, so here I am.

    My game is recruiting players right now !

    WW2 The Big One is a free pbem wargame that is both challenging and easy to play. It has action on Strategic, Operational, and Tactical levels. Players compete at sea, in the air, and on land. The rules and the game are free. Nothing else compares.
    In this day of video gaming much is made of the graphics and animation, the sound of a new game. So much attention is paid to these things, and multiplayer activity, that the depth of the storyline and gameplay is secondary.

    The game is a thinking manís game. There are no fancy visuals or room-shaking sound effects. It is all in the imagination. It is human vs human again, without the power-ups and addons of the video gaming world.

    If you can concentrate, have imagination, and can communicate, this is for you.

    There are two sides in this game, Axis and Allies. To play properly, there must be a balance of people on each side. I must be sure there are real people on both sides of every battle.

    This is not a battle game or a campaign. It is the whole war, all of it. There's no AI here, it's human vs human.

    War is not easy. It is made of frustration, missed communications, lack of men, missing information, doubt, never enough people to do what needs to be done, hurry up and wait, and all the rest of the problems that come up when a group of people try to do anything.

    We need a lot of good men to make it work. Are you up for a challenge?


    Mike Raymond

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    Re: Almost Pen & Paper

    In the age of DVD players in cars and smartphones for six-year-old, it's easy to forget that we can actually entertain ourselves without an electrical outlet. But both kids and adults alike might still find themselves twiddling their thumbs (instead of typing with them) on occasion. And playing a game with paper and pen -- or any writing implement -- remains a viable way to keep yourself busy.

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