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Thread: Open Beta Begins

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    Open Beta Begins

    I won't get a chance to try this, so if anybody does, let us know what you think!

    Star Trek Online Open Beta Begins

    Atari and Cryptic Studios announced today that the highly anticipated Star Trek Online for PC has entered open beta, bringing fans one step closer to playing in the final frontier. The open beta runs through January 26, 2010. Fans with valid open beta keys can explore the Star Trek universe and play the first-of-a-kind massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

    Information about where to obtain open beta keys and where to download the open beta client can be found on the official Star Trek Online website....
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    Re: Open Beta Begins

    After two days of trying to download the client, I finally got the game installed. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to play some.

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