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Thread: Players, Regional Clubs, Conventions

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    Players, Regional Clubs, Conventions

    I recently played Panzer Grenadier and wonder how much of a following it has. I liked the game. Are there any lists of regional clubs or conventions where PG is played?

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    Re: Players, Regional Clubs, Conventions


    The game has quite a large following - and deservedly so. Besides this page, check out CONSIMWORLD - FORUM - GAME SERIES. There are folders for scenario AAR's as well as general game discussion. I've arranged PBEM and even a FTF game of PG through this site. There is information on wargame clubs there too.

    YAHOO GROUPS also has a couple of PG groups.



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    Re: Players, Regional Clubs, Conventions

    You will also find some on Board Game Geek and Consim World. There is also a strategy forum on Consim. Lastly there is one on Delphi Forums, but it doesn't update very often.

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