Wow, the team made a lot of progress. I really hope they can pull off this very ambitious indie MMO/SP game:

Killer Features Trailer Released

Some of the KILLER FEATURES of Miner Wars 2081:
- Voxel asteroids over 8 kilometers in size!
- Fully destructible environments
- Over 300 space ships on a screen
- Build & Fight In Real-Time
- Create sectors, fortresses and space stations - Share your creations online
- Best works will get into the official campaign!
- Use Voxel hand to build and destroy voxel objects
- First person and third person camera
- Intuitive six degrees of freedom
- State of the art rendering technology
- Travel the whole Solar System
- Fully persistent world
- Harvest the Ore
- Tens of minerals and surfaces to Discover, Mine and Trade
- Epic story campaign in rich game universe
- Fanatical community supported by developers
Looks like the SP portion will be out Spring of 2012, with the MMO portion by winter. SP is good enough for me. The MMO portion would be gravy.