The Nap, EAW & M&P games are all reported under the "Napoleonic" ladder here at GameSquad. We'll need to approve each scenario as you submit it, as we're not going to key them all in. So lets use the following naming conventions to differentiate the games:

Campaign 1776 = 1776
War of 1812 = 1812
French & Indian War = FIW
Mexican-American War = MAW
Renaissance = REN
Campaign Eckmuhl = CPE
Napoleon's Russian Campaign = NRC
Campaign Wagram = CPWAG
Campaign Waterloo = CPWAT
Campaign Jena = CPJ

So, a scenario should be named like this:

CPWAT - 009.Ligny_v1

That way all the scenarios from a certain game will be grouped together in the drop down list, making it easier to submit a game report for it.