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    Exclamation Some Questions and Answers

    Hi Gents,
    Darren Emge, designer and developer of PB HoD, answered several of my questions.

    Here they are :

    1) Direct Fire (7.0)
    a - When firing at a hex in Open Ground, do the rules understate that only a max of 2 DF attacks are allowed (one AP and one AT) during an Operation?
    b - Or may different attackers make several AP and/or AT DF attacks vs different units in that stack, during the same Operation?
    c - Or does the Target Selection rule even limit things more, i.e. only 1 AT and & AP DF attacks are allowed during an Operation, whether vs units in the same hex or not?
    d - For an example, if an Open Ground hex contains 2 non-armored and 2 armored units, how many attacks may (=maximum) be made vs the hex during an Operation?
    d1 : 4 (2 AP vs each Infantry unit and 2 AT vs each Armored unit)?
    d2 : 2 (1 AP vs either both or one of the Inf units and 1 AT vs one of the Armored units)?

    7.1.5 I think answers your question.

    7.1.5 A unit may only attack once per turn. There is no limit to how
    many times a defending unit can be attacked in a turn, however, for
    each type of attack (Direct Fire, Overrun, CAT, IF, etc.) a unit can only
    be the target once for each such attack type per Ops phase (

    Following your example.
    4 Attacks maybe made. Each infantry maybe attacked once each using AP, 2 AP attacks. Each Armored unit can only be attacked singly per7.3, for 2 AT attacks.

    2) Overrun and CAT

    Overrun (8.1.3) and CAT (9.1.5) rules both stipulate that "All defending units of a unit type must be attacked as a combined defense using the DF rules (7.0)".
    However, 7.3.2 says that the attacker may only attack a single armored defender - and, logically, DF rules don't give any instruction about combining Armored target type defending units...
    a -Would this imply that 8.1.3 and 9.1.5 rules only find an application for non-armored targets, as armored targets may not be combined?
    Does that also imply that :
    b - Overrun and CAT can only attack one Armored target in the hex per Operation?
    or b - Overrun and CAT cannot attack Armored targets in a hex containing 2+ Armored targets?

    If you are overrunning a hex with multiple armored units then you must attack a single armored unit.

    3) The Ruins at La Fontaine

    HOD2 scenario "Launch of Jupiter", SN1, explains how to deal with the Ruins at La Fontaine.
    Does this rule apply in other scenarios where that terrain is included on the map, even if no SN is given?
    The SN is for Situation 2. The intent was to convey the importance of the ruins in the initial attack. The ruins are not really a feature in any other situation so this should not be an issue.

    4) IF range
    HOD2 features two Sdkfz 250/8 which have a 40 hex IF range.
    If they are used as onboard IF artillery may one add an Artillery request is to the Chit Pool?

    The AR does not go in the Chit Pool it is only used to mark the target hex for resolution in the 11.1.1. The end of section 11.0 discuss' the use of a spotter with clear LOS and section 11.1.2 further explains the mechanic.

    5) Indirect Fire (11.0)

    - After resolution of IF, can the AR be used during subsequent turns?

    - HoD scenarios HoD3, HoD4 & HoD5 have 2 Brit AR counters but only 1 25lb Battery support : does this mean that 2 AR may be placed per Turn, using the values of the 25lb Battery for each one?
    Yes you may place 2 AR per turn and each uses the values listed.

    - HOD5 has a German 81mm Mortar support, but no AR counter displayed until Turn 4 reinforcements - where an AR counter is displayed with the mention "Add OBA 1-AR 8th Werfer Brigade (HE only, AP25, AT14)" Doest this mean that : a - the 81mm support only can be used from Turn 4 on (and one must supply a 2nd AR counter for the Werfer Bde)?

    There should be an AR “At Start” for the 81mm support. The Werfers are available on Turn 4 with an additional AR marker

    Improved Positions (15.4)

    - Is a unit placed under a "Spent3 counter after it attempted to create an IP? - Whether it succeeded or not?
    Yes it is marked spent as it has expended all of it’s movement points.

    - As the stacking capacity of an IP is 4 Stacking points (15.4.2) and as only one IP may exist in a hex (15.4.2), what is the use of the IP counter reverse side with a 2 ("II") symbol?
    The back of the counter is the “Hull Down” marker (15.6) and has nothing to do with the IP

    Efficiency Rolls (13.2)

    The rule refers to 17.3, which is about Engineers creating or removing Blocks.
    However, there is no reference in that rule about any Efficiency Roll : when does it occur?
    There is no Efficiency roll for creating a block. You just follow the sequence in 17.3.1.
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    Re: Some Questions and Answers

    Hi Guys
    Posted this question in wrong area originally could you tell me how to use the chits I just cannot understand the rules relating to them.

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    Re: Some Questions and Answers

    When a chit is drawn, the player who it belongs to places it on a hex of the map.
    He can then activate any non spent unit within range of the the chit (an 0 Op chit only activates units in the hex, a 1 Op activates units within 1 hex range of the hex, etc.).
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    Re: Some Questions and Answers

    It helps.
    Thank you

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