CrossFire Gaming is a multi-gaming clan focused on competitive and non-competitive play in on-line multiplayer video games. We also have and support multiple servers. Currently our emphasis is in shooters but we will try other games as they emerge. There are two types of cFg members, full members cFg | name and Trial Members cFg | name[R] cFg is open to all players that wish to play with us. On PC we use a Trial period and a member vote prior to getting full membership. The primary requirements are:

Mature Gamers - 16+ Preferred, exceptions for those that can really prove themselves as cFg members. People who want to have fun more than anything.
Competitive Gamers -We are on CAL-O, HTGN and TWL League's, and other leagues.
Casual Gamers - We pub play on regular basis as a group for fun.
Dedication - Not looking for any fly by night players. (Clan hoppers need not apply)
If you have demonstrated outstanding skill in our public servers and express an interest in cFg, one of our team can invite you to join. We require that you NOT be a member of another clan while you play with the cFg team. To be considered for full membership you will need to show dedication and the characteristics in our Rules and Regs.

cFg offers players the opportunity and privileges to be part of the clan without the commitment to competitive play though that is always available as well.

We have 3 servers as for now.

Counter-strike: Source :

Day of Defeat: Source :

and a DOD:S Private match server.

We will be ordering more servers in the future, but right now we are trying to gain more members in order for all of the servers to be in use.

If you are interested, or have any questions, contact us.

Website underconstruction.

Contact Information.
Xfire: hellsangel0594
steam: rayraycabe


Xfire: bonizell
steam: bonizell