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Thread: AAR problem

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    AAR problem

    I've never tried opening an AAR before, so I don't know if it's a new problem or not.
    I'm unable to open an AAR tape, I have the tape and the mpl files in the AAR folder, but when I open the AAR tape and try to play it, I get a "Can't load...Ghost" error message.

    Any ideas about it?

    I've found out that there is "Cyber" "Ghost" written in the aar file (Replaced my name ith it), and the last string is referenced as the file save.
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    Re: AAR problem

    Found the problem, there is a problem with the number of words in ".."s in the save game header, since I used Name "nick" Family name, it messed the file name opening, resolved now.
    Fill comment later on a permanent fix.

    EDIT: Found the same problem on NTC aar's, solution was to manualy edit the aar files and change the header.
    Another problem is that the filename is hardcoded into the save file.
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