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Thread: Introduce Yourself!

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    Did you find an opponent for EA?
    Nevermind, just read your EA thread.
    Fais ce que dois.

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    I am playing Korea from Norm Kroger and I am gonna loose my bonus salary this month.... because it's fakin unbelievable operational game, like I was always missing in Hearts of iron etc. be aware when I gonna sharpen my teeth.

    First to fight! Poland!

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    Hi all
    I am new to hex games, bought Panzer Corps some time ago but felt my little brain was looking for something more tricky and difficult, so I got TOAW III
    Great game, fun guaranteed for next 50 years with the tons of scens that come into it.
    One cornerstone of maritimal warfare:
    "Keep yourself near the lifeboat"
    (Cap. Piluso)

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, Trotsky1917 is an enigma.

    I am actually a [anti-stalinist] Marxist and oppose most wars,

    ... but I have always loved a good board wargame.

    I own about 100 magazine games [wargamer, S&t and a few others], and about 30 boxed games. I am also on hexwar where like Liverpool FC I have been rubbish for years [I win about 45% of the time....]

    I am looking for challenges, initially for smaller scenarios, I have toaw 3.4 latest patch, and will also cross post to Matrix, rugged defence etc.

    the email is tbalive2 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    Hello all,

    Sitting in Toronto, Canada, as my profile states, I mostly fly online on VATSim, and play some Project Reality from time to time. Recently found a game called Unity of Command, noticed it was a knock-off of TOAW, thought 'Oh yeah, had forgot about TOAW, that used to be fun, this seems to be much the same, should be fun...', but after a bit of play, noticed that it was much too simplistic in its execution, so decided I needed to dust off my old TOAW CD, and here I am.

    Noticed you had TOAW Workshops threads here on the forum, would like to sign up for those if anyone is still doing any.

    Hope this great game is going to experience a resurgence, and that I might be able to eventually learn enough to provide you good PBEM challenges. Maybe I can get my co-warrior Dan to join in as well. There are still active players here, are there?


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    Re: Introduce Yourself!


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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    N1775L Looking for an opponent? do you have a scenario in mind? S

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    Re: Introduce Yourself!

    Hello. I've been away several years. But I'm looking for opponents for TAOW 3. And where did the old ladder go? I can't find it.

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