Just picked this up today. So new the official Nintendo web site doesn't even have it by the looks of things, I had to reference a web site out in the public domain just to get a peek at the game's screenies and such to confirm what I already knew, that I wanted to get it.

And I can say that it's not just a limited duration minor doodle title either, I suspect this game will sell VERY well in all likelihood. Because eventually Mario just gets dull, and you can't play Tetris forever and Final Fantasy eventually gets completed.

The graphics are quite nice, the game is fairly involved, and it has a very good looking tutorial which you likely will want to play. Looks more or less like full out Sim City, just on a bit smaller screen than usual

I suspect it might become the default game in my collection, might even unseat Age of Empires as the most playable game I have.

But, alas, I am still waiting on Panzer Tactics (damn this year is taking forever, it's supposed to be out soon, and that phrase is sure getting old).