Well I picked up this title over last week.

Verdict so far is graphics very nice, game play is interesting, challenge level is looking good.

Typical play requires a lot of coordination of multiple controls simultaneously. This game will not be easy for the dexterity challenged, or anyone that doesn't like manually difficult games.

You fire main gun with the left front button being depressed, while using the stylus to tap on targets on the touch pad, while using the directional control to steer the tank, while maintaining the orientation of the turret also with the stylus through the touch pad, while of course maintaining attention to the upper screen for targets, in addition to the radar function of the turret's actual direction

As you can see, the game is not moronically simple hehe. The story is involved, with lots of message dialogue happening during and between missions (much like a lot of RPG type games such as Final Fantasy). The dialogue appears as text that is typed out. And even though it appears rapidly, I suppose a lot of players that prefer to just tap "next" will find this to "slow".

I consider this a good purchase, but, not the sort of game I will play when I knowingly only have under 5 minutes to play it. This is a sit down and relax with it type of game.