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Thread: VASSAL WiF module updated

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    No problem. Here's the process:

    Having problems loading the module maps?
    For the best performance of the module plaese do the following:
    1) DO NOT start VASSAL from the vassal website
    2) From the vassalengine website, select Download, and then select the installer file from Manual Installation
    This should prompt you to create a desktop icon which I highly recommend
    3) You now need to navigate to the folder which contains the vassal files. Go to this default location
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\javaws\http\\P80\DMws
    In here you will see a file named AMVassal.jnlp The file may be AMVassalxxxx.jnlp (it'll have some numbers after it)
    4) Right-click each AMVassal file in turn and open with notepad
    5) Scroll across until you see this line <j2se version="1.4+" max-heap-size="256m"/>
    6) Change the "256m" to read "1024m"
    7) Always launch VASSAL from the desktop icon

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    I was able to make the specified change to the Java - VASSAL startup code. As a result, all the Version 300 maps now load.

    There is still a fair bit of system lag when I first navigate the map, even offline with no counters placed. It appears it takes time for the JRE to load all the map details into RAM. Eventually, this lag goes away.

    Is it possible to set the max-heap-size to a value higher than 1024m if using a PC with 2+ GB of RAM?

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    You can certainly try to set the value higher than 1024. I have 3GB and tried out 2048 and it didn't like it. I haven't tried any other values, but it doesn't hurt to plug something in there.
    I think everyone has the lag thing the first time you scroll through the maps. I always take my time when I start up the module and allow it extra time to make sure it gets everything in there and then make small clicks eastwards until it start scrolling smoothly. Then I open the various other windows one at a time. The minimap, africa, production circle, charts, etc. Then I hold my breath and try a zoom one screen at a time. Once it gets going then it all seems to scroll easily and zoom smoothly.
    Please let me know if you find a value higher than 1024 that works.


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