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Thread: 2nd turn

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    Thanks sir.

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    Okay - Turn 9 - but you've bottlenecked along the way and haven't really considered much of the previous advice. It looks essentially like you are trying to defeat him through combat, when your advantage resides with maneuver, as referenced in notes on other player's .sal posts.

    Recon to the area of Foret de Cerisy, to get a feel for what he has in the area. That is one objective you can take within 4 turns - based upon what I am seeing...which is probably not everything. If it's not covered, keep a couple battalions in the area to keep it secure - and try to advance with a screen toward St. Lo and Caumont. Get a recon onto one of the elevation points, and that will give you a better idea of what is in the immediate area.

    Advancing with a screen - use your infantry units to advance as fast and as far as they can to cover the maximum number of front hexes possible while maintaining security - 1 unit every other, or every 2 hexes. You want to see what he has and where he has it...and then you want to a) find where he has gaps, get units through them, b) expand the front beyond his ability to defend it (seek his flanks and go around them)...and if these things are not possible, assess where the weak point is in his line and then concentrate your armor against it. Make sure to bring up artillery, to support the attacks and if you can't reach them, call in dedicated air support.

    Recommend scrapping offensive operations in the direction of Cherbourg. Establish a reasonable defensive perimeter and shift everything West. It'll take too long for your units to relocate in support of the drive on St. Lo. Aim to get as many of the 1 Point - 3 Point Objectives as you can - these aren't going to win the game for you, but they might stave off a defeat...

    Focus what you can on Carentan - it's worth 30 VP to him, your immediately adjacent to it, he has a very good defense there. Best way is to get units moving into every hex where he is not - set up attacks for the next turn - flank attacks will get you a lot further a lot fast than trying to go at him from a river hex head on. Get him flanked, get him surrounded and the best defense will collapse fairly rapidly.

    Everything now depends upon your ability to maneuver. With your current position and the disposition of his forces - if you haven't beat him head on by this point, you won't beat him head on in 4-5 more turns.

    Having cooperating units in positions to gain flank attacks (attacking from two least one hex between them) consistently generates better results. Defensively, you want to minimize the number of units that "stick out" from a line - those are where attacks should really be concentrated - when maneuver is no longer possible (i.e. facing a continuous and uninterrupted defensive line).

    It can take a few turns, but once a line starts giving way, the process of its deterioriation tends to accelerate considerably. Each additional hex that can produce a flank attack; each unit that is forced to retreat, that loses supply and readiness; that loses its fortification, that forces other units to jump in...

    But, most games are not won through combat, but through maneuver - and decisive combat. Avoid attacking where the enemy wants you to attack - seek out where his units are not, or where they are have the ability to extend the front beyond his means of covering all of it like a brick wall...

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