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Thread: Converting Cyberboard gameboxes to VASSAL Mods?

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    Converting Cyberboard gameboxes to VASSAL Mods?

    Can any of you experienced modders give any hints or tips on converting Cyberboard gameboxes to VASSAL modules?

    Thanks in advance.


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    I know that if you open the .gsn file you can save a copy of the board as an image, so the map is no problem. The counters are the sticking point - having looked at doing it before, the only option I found was to screen capture the counter tray (capturing as much as I could and then scrolling down to capture the rest, then opening the next tray, etc). That was about the point where I decided that it was going to be easier to just do it all from scratch - and (no knock on cyberboard) but you have more options that the 32 colors or whatever the earlier gameboxes were stuck with so it looks better.

    If there's a specific game in question that you're looking to convert, you might see if you can get ahold of the original author of the gamebox - he may still have all his graphics that he could send you (and you might want to get his permission anyways).

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    Cybrd to Vassal

    Mike, give me a few days to go through my files and refresh my memory.I think I was able to do handle the playing pieces I just can't remember right now.After creating a vassal mod for GMT's Great Battles of Alexander then moved on to working on coverting GMT's SPQR cybrd to vassal but half way through some else produced one.

    I'd be glad to help u anyway I can.I know what its like not to have a ftf player for your favorite game.Thats why I created the GBoA mod for vassal.

    Later............................................. .................

    PS-Here's a great site with loads of game scans(no maps or charts though)
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    If anybody is willing to convert the Ukraine '43 and Ardennes '44 modules from Cyberboard to VASSAL I would be willing to pay. Any takers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by robarrieta
    If anybody is willing to convert the Ukraine '43 and Ardennes '44 modules from Cyberboard to VASSAL I would be willing to pay. Any takers?
    I think that if you own the ADC2 module for either/both games, you'd have better luck trying to convert those to VASSAL. I just had a look at the A'44 CB gamebox and not owning the game myself, all that I could do is make a copy of the map as they have it there and then recreating each of the counters from scratch based on what I see in the CB module. Also, unless I went through the rules, I wouldn't know what unique features that would need special attention in VASSAL - map windows, counter traits like deadpools, step reductions, etc.

    *If* I was very familiar with the game, then I could possibly put together a module based on what I see in the CB gamebox, but it would be an exact match of that gamebox which I know isn't an exact match of the actual game - if that matters.

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