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Thread: Basic Tactics Links

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    Re: Basic Tactics Links

    May I suggest Russ Gifford's Training Sessions as another useful resouce? It has Flash walkthroughs to introduce some basic concepts and some articles on tactics and strategy.


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    Re: Basic Tactics Links

    Thanks but I know how to play.... I am looking for ways to replace my hard copies particularly Chapter H Russian & Germans (I have my rules but I lost all my Chapter H)

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    Re: Basic Tactics Links

    I have taken the liberty to write up a short "Basic Probability Primer for ASL" for novices to DR probabilities.

    There are much more elaborate and specialized articles around in various Journals and other publications, but this one might act as a starting point.

    Basic Probabilities Primer for ASL.jpg

    It can be found in the download section here:

    von Marwitz
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    Re: Excellent Links!

    Nice post! Thanks!
    "Better to wonder why you are winning than to know why you are losing!"

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