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Thread: BtB8 Steel Inferno

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    BtB8 Steel Inferno

    I had a VERY Frustrating playing of BtB8 Steel Inferno. But in the end, it was a fun scenario and it is always fun playing ASL with Ted no matter how bad he trounces me.

    Ted's Brits had to take eight BFP Board C stone buildings from my dirtbag ss men. The ss were spread across the stone buildings with a squad and a half on the left in the wood building area (C I3) and a squad and a half with a 7-0 in the woods area on the far right (C Z2).

    The Brits on board setup the infantry (eleven 4-5-7's, four leaders, a bunch of LMG's, a couple PIATS, a couple 51MTR's, and a Radio) on the hill on the German left and AFV's (3 Sherman III and a Sherman V) on the hill to the German right of board eleven.

    It was the Pre-game bombardment that signaled the course the scenario would take for me. Ted putdown a beautiful KGP bombardment (EX: 3 hex blast area). The buildings MC9. Failure is rubble. The FIRST roll, I boxcar the church steeple location rubbling the whole hex then the falling rubble took out the rest of the church. With the rubbling of the church went a 9-1, half squad, HMG, a fortified location, and a 7-0 with the radio. I was stunned but passed my +4 PMC (barely) . Like five buildings rubbled but no other squads/AFV broke or lost concealment.

    The eleven British squads that enter, entered on the German right and made for the wooded area on the German right, with a few half squads mounted on two of the 5 AFV. The onboard Brits made for the Wood building area on the German left.

    The British lost several AFV trying to move into position to support the attack. The one bright spot for me was German gunnery. He lost like five or six of his nine AFV.

    The British pushed forward on the two flanks. The ss half squad in the wooden building on the left tried to stay to delay the Brits but his fire was ineffective and he was blown to black mist by heavy Tommy firepower from several squads and SW. The squad there fell back to the C M5 stone building. I figured the Brits might try to push in behind to the C N8 stone building area so the ss sent a 6-5-8 there to meet them.

    On the right the ss made the bad move of moving forward into the wooded area around C Z1. They stood tough, for a bit, but they were soon surrounded, shot up and failed to rout or died in CC. More weak play by me.

    The Brits made steady progress on the German left. The 8-3-8 in building C M5 and the Concealed 6-5-8 in building C N8 both failed NMC's to Advancing Fire.

    The British on the German right made steady progress taking C BB6 building and tried to get around in behind from there but they were stuffed by two ss squads in buildings Y7/Y8. The Brits could not make much progress on the German right with C W4 and X4 fortified buildings.

    With the collapse of the left outer buildings (M5, N8) the Brits were able to get a couple of half squads and a crew to the front left buildings (C O3/P2). From there the Very brave crew made his way to R3 building, weathering all manner of fire, including a PzIV at point blank range.

    The Brits fought hard. They generated two leaders, both 8-1's, one in CC the other on a self rally. Two squads battle hardened, one generated a hero, and one went Berserk. My dirtbag ss men couldn't pass a NMC or fire effectively to save their war criminal a$$es. Very frustrating. Even the SAN of four did little for me.

    Eventually the ss reinforcements were helping to hold the Brits in the back field (on the left) to buildings N8 and O8 and the far right was pretty much stuffed. However, the ss let me down again and began failing MC's in the center around C R5/R6 buildings. The Brits even managed to get one intrepid half squad to building S5, brushing off more weak ss fire. With that center collapsed, the Brits had a pretty clear shot at several more buildings and at the end of Brit turn seven I failed my last PMC of the game and conceded.

    It was very frustrating but it was fun. I would definitely play it again in spite of the devastating beat down.
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    Re: BtB8 Steel Inferno

    Sounds interesting. I'll be taking a look at that scenario.
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    Re: BtB8 Steel Inferno

    Steve Pleva and I played this scenario in the finals at WO some years back. As we all know, Steve needs NO assistance from the dice to win. He had the Germans, and I could not have my boys get out of their own way. I was diced a fare-thee-well. The crowning glory came when he had a sniper activation that knifed through a swath of surrounding Brit infantry, right to my best leaders stack, who was stacked with at least three mmc. The leader was then selected and drilled, kia outright. The resulting LLMC caused a couple of guys to reduce, and after the turns of frustration that had preceded it, me to resign.
    All that said, the scenario itself is really cool. Just don't play it against Steve, and whatever you do, don't get diced in the process ;-).
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael R View Post
    Sounds interesting. I'll be taking a look at that scenario.

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    Re: BtB8 Steel Inferno

    In the midst of playing it myself. GREAT scenario.

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