FanaticTW and I had a most rousing playing of BFP102 Tolstoy Woods. It is a very fun scenario from CoS. Both sides have reinforcements. Germans have a HMG, an MMG, and two squad equivalents HIP. Ted's Russians had to take five buildings on board 62.

The Germans setup a half squad and a bunch of Dummies on their left, HIP support weapons in the village, a squad in the valley, and the rest on the right.

The Russians attacked with three groups. His right was light but moved aggressively to attack the weak German flank. The center group with the most firepower maneuvered to provide covering fire. The Russian left moved forward to begin cleaning out the Germans in the woods.

The fight on the German left was exciting. The Russians quickly discovered the Dummies there but they kept the Russian Kill stack from moving. The German half squad braved all manner of fire to engage in CC where they rolled snakes, took out a Russian squad and got an 8-1. They then used their prep fire to blast a 7-0 to a 6+1, and ELR'ed another squad. However, they were subsequently broken and died for failure to route.

The Russians made good progress through the woods on the German right forcing them back after the Germans lost another squad for failure to route. The Russians then moved a few squads from the woods on their left to the center, very close to the village. The Russian kill stack moved down the center road but were vaporized by a HIP squad with LMG. Russians lost his best leader, and a squad, the other squad broke and ELR'ed.

The Russian AFV's moved into the valley with mounted squads. They maneuvered through the valley, up onto the German left to threatened the village. There they discovered the HIP HMG. The HMG held off the Russian infantry from a quick grab of the buildings on the German left but the AFV exacted their revenge by blasting the half squad to bits. But, the Germans were able to reinforce that position and hold on.

Two Russian AFV rolled right through the village. One immobilized in a poor position and the other was lost in CC to those handy German ATMM's. However, it was looking pretty weak for the Germans. The Russians were able to grab two buildings and had heaps of infantry poised to take more. The Russians took out a half squad in the village in CC and took his MMG but the Russians promptly broke it.

In spite of the great strides the Russians made, the German reinforcements were able to stream into the village. They took back one building and reinforced the other buildings to hold on for a desperately fought win.

Tolstoy Woods is another super fun scenario from CoS. It is one of the smaller ones and it played fast, furious, and FUN.