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Thread: EA Voted Worst Company in America

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    EA Voted Worst Company in America

    I would say Codemasters is the second worst gaming company after what they pulled with Dragon Rising....

    EA is the Worst Company in America, Now What?

    I believe EA is a destructive force in the industry as their goal isn’t to make gaming more accessible and respected as a medium. How can you argue that video games are art, when pieces of the story are cleaved out to be sold separately? This is why the titans of the gaming industry like EA are passionately hated, while movie studios and TV networks don’t draw nearly as much ire. 3D price gouging seems downright generous when compared to the tricks companies like EA are using to wring more money out of consumers.
    And EA's response:

    “We’re sure that British Petroleum, AIG, Philip Morris, and Halliburton are all relieved they weren’t nominated this year. We’re going to continue making award-winning games and services played by more than 300 million people worldwide.”
    Wow...what contempt for their customers.

    These articles don't even mention the EA Spouse protest campaign from a few years ago when the husbands and wives of EA employees banded together to confront EA over brutal work schedules.
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    Re: EA Voted Worst Company in America

    At least EA's disregard for outside opinion is a double-edged sword. They've been the target of a letter-writing campaign telling them to r remove same-sex relationships from their games. They aren't paying any more attention to that, either.

    Personally, I think that EA should be paying a bit more attention to it's PR image in this pass. But, they're probably right that they got the nod by dealing with entertainment which gets the emotions riled up, rather than merely being a bank like second-place company Bank of America.
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    Re: EA Voted Worst Company in America

    The only EA game I really liked was Earth and Beyond, that was a fun game with a low price to play online.
    Trouble was they was so successful at that game they boasted they made 20 million USD the first year and threw a
    Huge Party in Las Vegas and had parties in 7 Major cities too. I went to the one in anahiem CA. After that they dumped the
    Game in another year, in favor of the Sims Online adventure. Just could not figure that one out. Then they said they lost 10 million
    the next year and was dumping the game. So a group of investors offered them 50 million for the rights to Earth and Beyond and
    they were turned down flat saying EA does not sell rights to its games. So Yes I can see why EA was voted Worst company in America.

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