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Thread: Masters of the Broken World

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    Re: Masters of the Broken World

    Quote Originally Posted by Wodin View Post
    I love my games with loads of detail and chrome and as little abstraction as possible.

    So what are the combat mechanics like?
    I'm still not sure what you want to know but here are some facts about it:

    1. Tactical map consists of hexagons.
    2. Units can be upgraded and have special abilities.
    3. For example two swordsmen of the 1st rank but of 6 level can easily deal with one paladin of 4th rank but of the first level.
    3. The landscape affects on units’ abilities.
    4. Strategic map’s landscape affects on tactical one’s.
    5. If it’s hard to kill a unit (or low down HP) you can instead scare him off (low down its morale) or just exhaust it running away in swamp (low down its stamina).

    So there you have it

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    Re: Masters of the Broken World

    I think he's looking for the technical details behind those generalities.

    What do levels do for a unit that high levels can overcome high rank? (Conversely, what do ranks do for a unit?)
    What is the effect of landscape on units? Do you mean obstacles to LOS? Hinders movement? Do some units actually gain power from certain environments?
    How does stamina work in relation to hit points and morale?

    I could go on all day...
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    Re: Masters of the Broken World

    1.Level-up gives it the ability to upgrade one of unit’s attributes: HP, morality, stamina, attack, defense, counterattack. Or it could give him a special ability like “quick march” that lets him travel far longer distance in one turn. So for instance a swordsman could reach ranged enemies instantly in no time and deal with them.

    2. Going through swamps requires much more stamina and more MP are spent by all units except for goblins, lizardmen and other swamp inhabitants. Any unit standing on a hill will gain bonus to range. Any unit in forest will gain additional defense. Cavalry get a bonus attacking on plain. And so on.

    3. When a unit is moving, attacking, taking damage or casting spells he’s spending stamina. This shouldn’t be confused with MP which are in the game too. Stamina as a term is closer to “mana” i.e. energy to do something. If a unit is constantly attacking or being attacked it’ll eventually be exhausted and will miss a couple of turns. So it’s possible to fight your enemy by making him moving through the swamp or other difficult landscapes, constantly firing at him or casting spells of “weakness” and other debuffs.

    Thereby you can exhaust a powerful Warrior hero who would’ve otherwise crushed your army the first chance he got.

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    Re: Masters of the Broken World

    Master of broken world Offering global, strategic and tactical levels of gameplay, MBW features the traditional “good vs. evil” decision dilemma where consequences of player’s choices significantly influence the outcome of the main game. Rebellions are best put out with a few legions of zombies … but if you’ll need this particular province at a later time, you’ll live to regret some of your easy decisions.

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    Re: Masters of the Broken World

    Really interesting interview here:

    'Eador: Masters of the Broken World' rules with an iron fist

    Some interesting comments:

    "For some reason this genre, this real-time strategy genre is a really big thing in Eastern Europe," he says. Perhaps moreso than in North America...."I think it's somehow based deep in a tradition of playing chess, really gamey and strategic games. In Eastern Europe we really prefer to a strategic approach to anything and we also keep to our old mentality of 'expand your empire!' and all of that. All of that 'rule with an iron fist!' stuff."
    You had me at "chess".

    Found this very true, too:

    "I think Western development at the moment, in comparison, is aiming to move games more towards the style of movies," says Tortsov. "Look at Heavy Rain; it's more movies than games. In Eastern Europe and Russia we're trying to do games instead of movies."
    CoD can be credited with this trend. In and of itself it's not a bad thing, but when that is all you are getting from the big studios, it can become boring fast.

    This game definitely has my interest!

    The art direction of the game is wonderful. Reminds me of tabletop minis at times.
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