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Thread: TU - new gamer

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    TU - new gamer


    I was realy happy to find out about TU. I played TOP and PITS many years ago and loved the games.
    But I have also seen that there still is alot to be done before this game works perfectly.

    The latest patch dose'nt work at all for me. Everytime i hit the turn button and there is a unit firing, I get an C++ error. The last text in the status bar of the Combat phase reports window, is always "Updating MOE Report".
    After reinstalling the game (V1.00.05) without patching, the C++ errors are gone.

    I have also noted that the game can't handle swedish settings för decimal numbers in Windows. In sweden we use a , and not a . for decimals. It works if I change my windows settings to English(USA). For example the russian trucks in the tutorials had an "Effective Armor Thickness" of 10075mm with swedish style and "UnArmored" with English(USA).

    I'm running the game on a Windows 7 (64), 6 GB RAM, i7core

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    Re: TU - new gamer

    Welcome to the fun!
    FWIW, it is being fixed, and has a great team doing it. As for the European style(German also uses this) It seems to be a matter of just the display, while the actual game engine is seeing it correctly. But this is a good place to mention that and they can take a look at it.
    I should imagine the next patch will correct many of the C++ errors, which were not in the previous patch, but seem to have been slipped in the recent one...usually it is something small that was just not noticed, and can throw a kink in it, and I am sure the design team has already seen what happened with it.
    Anyway, good to have you, and don't get discouraged, there is a lot of great things on the way in this game.

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    Re: TU - new gamer

    Thanks for the reply, I have plenty to do while waiting for the next patch.

    I will continue using version 1.00.05 and with a manual of almost 500 pages, there is alot to read and learn.

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