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Thread: ACW: The Blue and The Gray 3.0

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    Re: ACW: The Blue and The Gray 3.0

    Quote Originally Posted by Rindis View Post
    Now that's just odd.
    Yes, yes it is. Here's the demo description:

    The demo for this Grand Strategy expansion allows players to Play from 1836 to 1860 as Prussia with the chance to form Germany through warfare or diplomacy. You can also play as Japan to westernize your country while fighting back reactionary forces.

    I discovered my old copy of AH's Gettysburg! It had like two inches of dust on it. Think I'll dust if off and re-familiarize myself with it.
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    Re: ACW: The Blue and The Gray 3.0

    Hi all wargamers !

    Just to let you know, our club has new ladders
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    Anyone that is looking for a fresh start, or
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    Thank you,


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