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Thread: MAW: a big doubt about command range of high rank mexican leaders

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    MAW: a big doubt about command range of high rank mexican leaders

    Hi to all.
    I'm playing with HPS Mexican-American War with the mexican faction.

    I've noticed that army/divisional leader don't have any command range both in "Parameter data" file and Command Range function in the buttons menu.

    This seems very strange to me: the mexican regimental leader has 4 hex, the brigade leader has 6-8 hex, why don't superior leaders have any command range?

    Therefore, I've also noticed that in some scenarios, a brigade leader starts as "DETACHED", because, I presume, his superior in hierarchy is far away.

    But if in next turns I put the superior leader near to the subordinate leader, the latter mantain is "DETACHED" status, even if they belogn to the same organization.

    Excuse my poor english,

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    Re: MAW: a big doubt about command range of high rank mexican leaders

    Ok, for the purposes of the game, leaders above Brigade Leader are assumed to have "infinite" command range. That is to say, they can command units anywhere on the map. (Note, this varies by the Tiller-engine game. In some, such as American Civil War, higher level leaders have a command range).

    As to the Detached leaders, that's most likely because of the leadership die roll, and not from being too far.

    The way it works is this.

    Every turn, the highest level leader (usually Army) has a "die" rolled against his command score.

    If he passes that check, he passes a +1 bonus down to the next level leader. If he fails, the next leader gets no bonus.

    That leader (Say, D level in this case) then rolls against his command level (with or without the above bonus).
    -If this fails, no bonus passes down.
    - If he passes and if the A level leader also passed, a +2 bonus is passed down.
    - If he passes but the A level leader did not pass, a +1 bonus is passed down.

    Then the Brigade Leader rolls.
    - If he fails, no bonus passes down (even if he had a +2 bonus coming in).
    - If he passes, then +1 is added to the cumulative bonus to this point.

    Then finally the regimental leader rolls. (He only recieves the bonus if he is in the command range of his Brigade Leader)
    -if he fails, he is considered detached even if he is in the same hex as his higher level leader.
    - if he passes, all of his units within his command range are in command.
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    Re: MAW: a big doubt about command range of high rank mexican leaders

    Many thanks for your response, but I'm a bit confused yet.

    In the general game rule (ewb.pdf) I've found:

    Select Detached Units to highlight units that are Detached. This can be either individual units that are beyond the Command Radius of their leader, or it can be a Regiment Leader that is beyond the Command Radius of his commander.
    and more:
    American and Enemy Command Distances
    Regiment: the maximum distance that a unit can be from its Regimental commander and still be in command and not Detached.
    Brigade: the maximum distance that a Regimental leader can be from his Brigade leader and still be in command and not Detached.

    So it seems that the Detached status of a Regimental leader is related to the distance from his Brigade leader (in term of Command Radius).
    Therefore, I didn't find in the Rules file (user.pdf) that if a Regimental leader misses his COMMAND ROLL, he becomes "Detached" independently from the commander proximity. It seems to me that the COMMAND ROLL is used only as modifier of the "Test of Undisruption" of the units.

    An error in the rules? Or I'm misunderastanding some aspect?

    EDIT: I've opened the relative oob file of the scenario I'm playing: TWI011_Bexar_04h.scn.
    Is a very strange oob, because there is a Division leader and some Regimental leaders but there are no Brigade leaders.
    So I suppose that any regimental leader, without his direct commander not provided in this scenario, is in "detached" status for default.
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    Re: MAW: a big doubt about command range of high rank mexican leaders

    That is correct. Please remember the armies active during the TWI, weren't always organized in nice 'game term' hierarchy. So the OOB isn't strange, just representing the actual structure on the ground. The missing brigade level does make the Mexican army more brittle for this scenario and somewhat sluggish. I like modeling the army this way, instead of giving the troops very poor quality, as it shows more accurately where the problems within the army lay, within the leadership, not with the troops. They were brave enough and new thier jobs. The upper echelon leaders didn't always do well.

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