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Thread: Shell Color

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    Shell Color

    I just purchased Guadalcanal . Can the color of the shells, be changed, as they blend in with the blue sea background.

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    Re: Shell Color

    This is an interesting question as I considered, briefly, trying to mod the graphics with an eye toward creating a GUI that was more easy to interpret.

    I'm no expert in this regard, but I took the response that I got from interested parties to be a definite sorta-maybe.

    And if I understood the particulars it comes down to this...

    Some of the view levels can be modified and others can't.

    This is in keeping with the developers approach to maps in their land-based games, which is to say, some can be tinkered with and some are hard-coded.

    If you want to know more from someone who knows more, I'd suggest that you contact "volcano man" at his website.

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