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Thread: Casus Belli scenarios

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    Thumbs up Casus Belli scenarios

    Has anyone ever heard of these scenarios?

    There is a place on the Wargame Academy for them, but none are available to view?

    If you know of them, please let me know.
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    Re: Casus Belli scenarios

    Kevin - I have them. PM me.

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    Re: Casus Belli scenarios

    Casus Belli Scenarios
    The French publication Casus Belli gave us twenty-eight scenarios between 1982 and 1986 notably extending the French experience beyond Crescendo of Doom’s early war coverage. There is no doubt the identity of occupied France was a complex one and Messrs. Pierre Stutin, Luc Sérard and others develop the story of who she was. Their clever use of US counters to depict Free French trained and armed by US forces and depicting French troops serving in the Waffen Frankreich with SS counters develop a national characteristic that is uniquely French in the Squad Leader system.

    You can read more about the composition of the scenarios here.

    You may find the scenarios here. In the Scenario Archive search for ‘Casus Belli’ in the Publication tab.

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