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Far Cry 3: MEIV Day 3

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Ready for some more tropical highjinks? Turns out day 3 was more interesting than the previous day!

First, I got attacked by a shark. Ouch. Funny story: I was returning from a night mission when some pirates started chasing me as I drove my hunk of junk. It being dark and all, I got lost and found myself racing along some beach, dodging incoming fire the whole way. I don't recall how, but I wound up driving right off the beach and into the ocean. The engine died and the car just floated there. Having no choice that I could see, I left the car and started swimming to shore, staying underwater as much as possible to give the pirates the slip (I could hear them shouting on the beach). As I was swimming, this shark comes out of nowhere and grabs my arm and shakes it a bit, then swims off. Needless to say, I swam as fast as I could after that! The shark came back twice more, biting me on my legs, but never holding on for long. Tired and bitten, I finally dragged myself from the ocean. In this photo, you can see the shark swimming off in the distance:

Bastard! Just wait for me to get my first spear gun!

Next morning, I take on one of the central campaign missions which takes place across a stretch of water...yeah, I am NOT swimming this time. Gonna need a bigger boat:

That'll do.

I really enjoyed helming this thing. Like with cars, boats have a good, distinctive feeling to them. This one handled as you would expect a larger craft to handle. I am also amazed at all the little details on these things, from the swinging bits of rope, to the creak of the hull. If the land portion of FC3 reminds me of Stalker, the sea portion reminds me of Silent Hunter. The water effects are beautiful, too. If I closed my eyes, I'd bet I could have even smelled the salt water and felt the warm sun on my skin.

I won't go into the details of the mission because it is a central plot point, but I will post this picture:

That fire started when I threw a grenade. Something exploded and started a raging fire that spread up the hill! The fire burns out quickly, but it is still cool to see dynamic flames like that.

Afterwards, I was just doing some general exploring to get a feel for the non-campaign material. During my travels I heard some gunfire in the distance. I ran over there and saw a skirmish taking place between the pirates and my fellow Rakyat rebels. Not sure of the details as the fight was largely over when I got there, but as I left, I found an overturned pirate technical in a small valley (I think this was a pre-placed map event, but not 100% sure). It was guarded by one pirate. Out of curiosity, I sneak down there and knife the guy. After poking around a bit, I find a dark cave right out of Skyrim. Heading inside, I find some WWII relics!

[Minor spoiler] Turns out that this was a cave used by the imperial Japanese during WWII. Next to a mummified corpse I found a poignant letter home from a Japanese soldier. The letter was also chilling because he described how his unit was going a little bit mad each day due to the foreboding jungle of Rook island. That doesn't bode well for me.

Later on, I foundd myself exploring a different part of the island when the sky got gloomy, and a thunderstorm broke out:

As you know, I love dynamic weather in a game; it is such a powerful mood setter. This is one of the reasons why I love Stalker, too. Shame more game devs don't take full advantage of the elements. Regardless, I am overjoyed to see FC3 does!

While I waited out the storm at a small collection of shacks (again, that Stalker vibe), I spied two pirates marching captives down the nearby road at gunpoint! Well, I couldn't let that happen on my watch! Time to be a hero! Just as I started my attack from behind, Mutt and Jeff here almost ruin the whole plan:

That's right: a wild pig being chased by a rabid dog. The two weaved their way in and out of the slaver column, making me chuckle. The pirates didn't have much to laugh about soon after, though:

Slaver bastards. I enjoyed taking them down - which plays right into the game's theme of creeping blood-lust and madness. Interestingly, when I killed the tail-end charlie pirate, the lead pirate tried to execute his prisoner. I killed the pirate before he did.

Later on, I got my first big game kill...kinda:

This is actually a re-do. While I was walking up a road, yet another pirate patrol came motoring up the road. I wasn't looking for a fight, so I headed into the jungle...and stumbled into this bad boy. He spotted me and attacked. I got off a bunch of rounds from my assault rifle, but it didn't even slow him down. Next thing I know, he is on my arm. The game has an interesting mechanic when it comes to animal attacks: sometimes, like with the shark attack, it all happens automatically. Other times, you have to fight back by pressing a key (which I believe is randomized from attack to attack, something that keeps an element of unpredictability to surviving these attacks). The tiger let go of my arm initially, but then attacked again and pinned me to the ground. Even though I try to fight him off, I lost and I am killed.

...Reload. Next time I am prepared. I forced myself to go down the same path again, but this time with my shotgun instead of my assault rifle. It was close, but three blasts from my shotty won the day...and a nice tiger pelt for me. BTW: that obviously isn't my shotgun in the pic, but it is my assault rifle. Notice the custom paint job? I had some extra money to burn.

My last mission of the day involved taking back an outpost from the pirates. This is an important game mechanic because outposts control territory, which serves to lessen pirate attacks, provide new spawning points, new missions, new supplies, etc. Taking my first outpost involved a stealthy boat approach (a Zodiac-like craft this time), and learning to use my new stealth attack: knifing a guy from behind and then dragging the body into concealment. This was the first time I encountered a sniper - which provided me with a new toy:

You can see my compadres entering the camp after I liberated it (with a sniper shot to the last pirate's head). I look forward to seeing the night life.

Stay tuned for some more.

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