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Far Cry 3: My Excellent Island Vacation

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Ahh, a tropical island and guns. Is that not the perfect formula for a great vacation? The mere fact that the island in question is named "Rook" seems to suggest that this is the tourist destination for me. Here are some photos of how I spent my time on Rook these past 24 hours (game time):

Not much to do at night...just I decided to do some bounty hunting. The target was a local pirate poacher. Seeing how he was located about a mile or two away, I decided to take one of the villager's hunks of junk. Eh, at least the radio worked (it does!).

Driving at night in a jungle is NOT fun. It is easy to lose track of the road and find yourself going over a cliff or plowing into some bamboo plants! Nonetheless, I found the pirate camp.

Good thing I brought along this cool camera that automatically IDs enemies and tracks their location (it must be a Nikon ). Yeah, it is a bit game-y, but I also see the necessity of it for gameplay purposes as stealthily taking down multiple enemies would be nearly impossible without it. And seeing how this type of mission requires a knife kill on a particular target...yeah, there is a good reason for it. It also encourages careful recon rather than just running and gunning, something I like.

The mission played out in an interesting fashion. During recon I learned that there were four bandits: two patrolling guards, one guard who was skinning a boar (i.e., distracted), and the target. Using a rock, I distracted the nearest guard and killed him from behind with a knife. Unfortunately, before I could loot the body, his pal came walking back my way, so I scurried off. As I hid behind a rock, I heard him exclaim "holy F&#%! " when he discovered the body! This immediately caused the other two to start aggressively patrolling (see the Deus Ex:HR gameplay?). Well, I first took down one guard, then the target, and then the last guard - all without firing a shot. The dark IS your friend in this game.


Next morning, I get in my trusty wreck and hit the road. As I pull out of the village, I see these poor fellas stuck on the side of the road. I get out to see what the problem is but I can't doing anything because I don't have a repair kit (vehicles can be repaired in this game). While I am walking back to my car, I see a pack of wild dogs rush the two guys! One guy is pulled down and killed, while the other runs off! The dogs then come after me:

I gun them down and skin 'em (dog skins make for good equipment harnesses). It just so happens that a "rabid dog hunt" mission was offered prior to this attack, so I am not sure if this was scripted, or just a random event.

Remember killing mutant dogs in Stalker? Same thing going on here. (Speaking of Stalker: this is proving to be a very similar experience. But for the tropical setting, the game has a very strong Stalker vibe, what with a land in decay, and trying to survive in a hostile environment).

After killing the dogs, I do some exploring and see a pirate roadblock on the other side of the hill I am on:

Don't know what they were up to, or why one of them lays dead on the road. As I am leaving the area, a pirate technical shows up and unloads three pirates who proceed to fan out, catching me out in the open. A long range shootout starts and after firing a few shots, I flee into the jungle:

Interestingly, while running through the jungle, a red pirate jeep arrives on scene and almost runs me over (Is it one from that road block? Were they looking for me right along?)!

He just missed, which gave me an opportunity to gun them down instead. After that, I got back to base camp as fast as I could.

The next mission involved another hit on a pirate camp - I forget why, this time. So I head out there in my hunk of junk, and decide to hoof it the last quarter mile or so just to be safe. While cutting through some foliage on the way to a nice beach, I see two goats running around. Unfortunately for them, I need some goat hides to make an improved holster so I can carry two weapons. So I shoot one dead, but the other I only wound and it runs off into the lagoon. As I run after it, I see this beauty just parked by the beach:

Love that weapon. Gonna steel this jeep it (it will come in handy, as you will soon see).

A little later, I see the pirate camp I have to infiltrate. There is only one road in and out, so I can't do that as it is guarded. So I decide to swim in from the coast:

I hope there are no sharks (there ARE sharks in this game, and they will attack)! I make it across and recon the place. Then everything goes wrong. While sneaking up on the bad guys, one of their guard dogs picks up my scent, starts barking like mad, and then hunts me down and attacks! I was forced to shoot him, which, of course, brings the guards running and results in a firefight where I gun down my target. This fails the mission because hits have to be done with a knife for tribal reasons. Now, I would prefer that the game would just let you move on from there, but it doesn't. It re-spawns you just outside the mission area so you can try again. Not too keen on this as it sort of spoils the immersion, but I suspect it might be related to these missions tying into the main story. Oh well.

Second times the charm as I avoid the dog and manage to kill everyone in an acceptable fashion. However, I almost get myself killed as I dropped my guard while looting the area...allowing a pirate patrol jeep to pull up. I run and hurl a grenade, which handles the situation nicely as it destroys the jeep and driver. That leaves one guard, whom I kill without too much fuss:

I decide not to wait for more trouble - I have since learned that pirates, like zombies, are attracted to gunfire and come to investigate - and jump in my jeep. No luck. As I am pulling away from the scene of my crime, I see another pirate jeep heading towards the camp. Maybe they won't notice? They did, so I floor it and a mad chase begins (I love these chases - the various vehicles handle just differently enough to make it interesting, plus they swerve and skid like in an action movie). I get some distance on my pursuers and screech to a halt at the top of a hill. I move from the driver's seat to the top MG and wait. When the pirate jeep shows up, I pull the trigger (I hear one pirate shout "holy S&*^!" ):

You would think I would learn by now, but again as I am looting the dead, a second jeep pulls up from the other direction - just like zombies - and pile out. While I get in a gunfight with one pirate, the other gets into MY jeep and starts hosing down the area with the MG (love the AI! That's what I would do!)! He almost got me, too. I gun him down from behind after losing all my body armor and most of my health.

And that concludes Day 2 on Rook island.

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    BTW: love the humor in this game:

    I could post a bunch of these.
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    Wow, almost 1300 hits in 48 hours! I wonder if this post will beat my MW3 blog entry that topped over 3000 hits?
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    Sorry for the missing images; I was re-organizing my photos and moved some stuff around, breaking the above links. Fixed!

    Wow...up to almost 2300 hits! Looks like people like to read about Far Cry 3.