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Take Me to the River, Drop Me in the Water: Valor of the Guards

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And just like that, our Red Barricades campaign was over. My Russian forces were encircled, clinging to a few rowhouses in the southern section of the map. My regiment-sized assault from the east had failed, much like Manstein's historical attempt to relieve the 6th Army had fallen short. There's a time to concede to the agony of defeat, and it was definitely time. I congratulated my opponent, the wiley Marsholio, and we celebrated by drinking a large amount of Ranger ale and watching Sharpe's 8 and 9.
We discussed whether to play VotG or FB. The Budapest maps required a larger surface than the smallish table in my game room, and the easiest solution was to place a large piece of plywood over the existing table. We trimmed the wood a bit, then spray-painted it chrome (because I had a can of it in the closet). I added a few flat black sprays to give it a camo look, and there we had it.
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ID:	38621Marsholio chromes the plywood!

The table was now just right, but never spray-paint in the house my friends, no matter how much you've been drinking...I had a headache for days afterward!

Then I decided we better go with VotG first. It seemed a bit less complicated than FB...after all, we had to learn a few new rules such as elevation LOS and such. It was also decided to start of with the scenarios first, then go to the campaigns.

VotG1 was just too big to start out with, so it was on to VotG2: Russa! Drown in the Wolga!
By random selection, I drew the Russian side. I setup my dummy units on the hill, and my gun down by the river, mostly to protect the open road lanes. My HIP unit was placed in a building far to the right, hoping to catch a German stack that got careless. Marsholio placed enough units in the beer factory to require the capture of 3 piers.

All went as might be expected. His MG units placed in the building uncovered my dummy units, and his forces began streaming down the hill, from the center and to the right. Then I had an amazing run where I rolled 11, 11, 10, and 11. My HIP unit even flubbed a short-range shot at a stack moving in the open. But just in time, my 76 scored a few great hits, and his center collapsed. He streamed in from the right side, but it was too reinforcements arrived by boat just in time, and there was even a melee for the 3rd pier. Ultimately, the Germans ran out of time, and I won what I would consider a minor was close.
Rules Question:
What happens to a melee after the final turn? I'm used to CG melees continuing until they are ended, but am I right to assume that in a regular scenario, when the game ends, the melee never finishes? It could have been important in a scenario like this one that requires building control.

We also had to decide what to do about units leaving the boats...are they concealed after they leave the boats? Cloaking is a "form" of concealment. We decided that leaving the boat in LOS is a concealment-loss activity, so if it left the boat out of the enemy LOS, it could remain concealed. I think Klas pretty much said the same thing somewhere, though I couldn't find the thread when I needed to.

Final thoughts: I think VotG2 leans a bit to the Russian side. After all, their reinforcements land right where they are needed, and short of the German getting a MMG on a pier, he can't really stop them. It's a track-meet for the Germans, not my favorite type of scenario. And what were the Russian supposed to do with those satchel charges anyway???

Next: VotG3...and this one looks a lot more interesting.

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