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Thursday - June 9, 2011

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Time for an update on Modern Wars: Volume I.

The rebuilding of the American OOB's for Vietnam is well underway. I have the platoon file mostly complete and renumbered. I have started on the company file and have worked by way through the post World War II, Korean and Pentomic organizations and have started on the ROAD. The Americans are being prepared for Modern Wars: Volume II (NATO vs Warsaw Pact), hence all the non-Vietnam era organizations but I have been structuring the company OOB so that a designer should be able to choose the appropriate company for the appropriate theatre.

A new scenario designer joined the fray, which I am very excited about! He has vast experience within the US involvement in Vietnam. That means there are four key scenario designers for the Vietnam game; including myself.

While I work on rebuilding the Americans, they have been building maps for the scenarios they intend on producing. I have seen some excellent work from them!

A new feature has been added, which will also be added to the 1.05 UPDATE for the Campaign Series, that takes scenario design to a whole new level. I'll release some details about it once it is confirmed it is working as it should. The feature will be the highlight of two of my scenarios to start with. For Vietnam - "The Long Road to Pleiku" and for Middle East - "Battle for the Straits of Tiran".

A new Unit Viewer will be available with the Modern Wars: Volume I. It is extremely detailed and provides a vast amount of information on all the units that are available in the two games.

The Middle East continues to receive art updates, especially expanding the early and late war camo schemes. The Middle East scenarios are still being tested and tweaked. I haven't had time to work on the two Jerusalem scenarios yet, but they are on the list of to-do's.

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