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  1. Game Over?

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    I made a startling realization today: E3, the world's greatest gaming confab, starts tomorrow...and I just don't care. And it is not just me, but seemingly a lot of other people don't care as well because the pre-convention chatter is almost non-existent this time around. Usually by now, the interwebs would be thick with expectation, anticipation, and countless E3 leaks about one hot game or another. This definitely is not the case case this year. In fact, the only reason I was reminded that E3 was just around the corner was due to PR ...
  2. Reviewed: Ironclad

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    When this movie was first announced early last year, I was excited. In a world overrun with movies about ninjas, samurai and kung fu fighting, there are just far too few movies about the iconic knights of medieval Europe. It really is a shocking turn of events. I mean, as a kid I grew up with lots of books, movies (John Boorman’s classic Excalibur was my favorite…even though I had no business watching it at that age) and even cartoons that dealt with medieval themes – not to mention the ‘80s phenomenon of Dungeons & Dragons. How things change
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