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  1. WoWzers

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    I can’t believe I’m gonna say this, but here goes (deep breath): I can’t get enough of World of Warcraft!

    There. It’s out. I feel better already.

    This is the second time Blizzard made a fool out of me. First, I went around dissing Starcraft II…only to fall in love with it after trying the “starter edition”. And now Blizzard has hooked me with the “starter edition” of World of Warcraft (first 20 levels free!). Come on guys, you can’t keep making me look like a jerk – even if I make it really easy for you .

  2. Give Me the Merch!

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    I love gaming-related merchandise. Not only because it is indicative of a thriving game community, but also because it gives the gamer something tangible to hold on to and remind them of their ethereal passion in a material world. Plus, some of this stuff is just plain cool.

    Here’s some of the cool swag associated with Blizzard’s StarCraft ][:

    StarCraft Books

    While nowhere near as plentiful as 40K fiction,
  3. On the Shadow of a Zerg-Infested Screen

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    Ever since I first downloaded the demo late last year, Starcraft II has proven to be a compelling PC gaming experience for me. Starcraft II is one of the few recent examples of what a true PC-exclusive title can be. Unlike the flurry of 2011’s high profile console ports that merely provide enhanced graphic option for PC gamers, Blizzard’s platinum RTS title oozes the type of deep quality that can only be achieved when a game is single-mindedly designed for our beloved PCs from the ground up, without any compromises being made for other platforms along
  4. Publishers are seeking to control everything these days, even us

    I don't support Blizzard on this at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by ars technica
    StarCraft 2 comes with a powerful set of tools for making your own maps and game modifications, but there is no local storage; you have to upload your content to and let users grab that content from Blizzard's servers.
    I don't like the idea of giving players access to map editors, scenario editors, and mod tools, but then gimping the programs so that the only way they will work is if the files are uploaded to official servers. Publishers already hold almost all the cards, but this gives them 100 percent control ...