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  1. The Cannons Bark and Jump for Joy

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    "Sound out the trumpet noise, the cannons bark and jump for joy
    Someone's dread and darlin' boy has fallen on his saber"
    - Hey Ho, by Tracy Grammer

    Nothing says summer like a carriage ride down a wooded path...with an artillery piece in tow. Maybe that is why I like the ACW so much: so many of the battles took place in some wonderfully bucolic venues. Anyhoo...

    So here goes another Scourge of War AAR. This time, for a change of pace, I decided to play with the big guns of an ...
  2. VASL Maps up on GitHub Take II

    by , 03 May 13 at 15:12 (Growing up with ASL)
    Okay I updated my GitHub site with the new DTO maps, a few missing extensions and maps, and a new set of empty folders and all the current maps in both the "vasl" format (no extension) and as a image file for reference (look under the boards directory for a folder called images). Also, included are all the overlays.

    So in short these are all the version 5 maps, overlays, and HASL maps as well as all the TPP stuff and extensions. If you follow this link in the center of the screen are two links (ZIP and TGZ) which you can then download to your machine and use for VASL. ...
  3. VASL Maps up on GitHub

    by , 27 Apr 13 at 09:20 (Growing up with ASL)
    I got tired of using 2-3 different web sites to download all the VASL maps and extensions. I am really into Version Control and I just love GitHub, it's totally awesome, makes CSV/SVN feel like the difference between say MS Word and Notpad. So I created a GitHub repo for all the maps and extensions. For ease of use I also created a nice GitHub Page and you can download it as a zip or tgz file (contains all the files up-to-date).

    You can find the link here:

    I hope this helps those out using VASL to play ...
  4. The Battle of Old McDonald's Farm

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    Still having fun with NorbSoft's Scourge of War: Gettysburg. I participated in one pre-made scenario and two sandbox scenarios, and each time I had quite the fun time! Here's some screenies of my last sandbox fight, what I like to call The Battle of Ol' McDonald's Farm. This fight took place on a fictional map ('Alpine') - hence, the name. Other details: it was a division vs division fight, with me taking the command of Edmund L.Dana's Second Brigade for the Federals. Here's what happened....

    [NOTICE: because the sprite-based ...
  5. Basic Links to setup VASL

    by , 11 Apr 13 at 06:56 (Growing up with ASL)
    Here are some basic links/instructions to setup VASL.

    Quote Originally Posted by dlazov View Post
    One set of instructions:


    Download java (1.6 or 1.7 works fine)

    Download VASASL 3.1.20 for your platfom

    Download the VASL mod file (the main ASL engine)

    Download all the maps and overlays:
    v5 (don't worry about the dead LOS engine itls
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