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  1. My gaming time is more precious to me now

    There was a time when I played virtually every game I could get my greedy little paws on. Sims, shooters, RTS, RPG, action, and even the occasional flight sim -- I played them all! But somewhere along the line I starting spending less time gaming and more time doing other things. Burn the heretic.

    I could use the old "real life got in the way" excuse, but in truth that would be a lie because I could be gaming more if I want. The truth is that I simply find today's game less compelling than those from previous years for a variety of reasons. Oh sure, there are still a few ...
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  2. The Most Unlikely Action Hero

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    Here I am again, in another gaming lull. I really have come to hate these post-Christmas gaming doldrums over the past few years. Not only are they so boring, but they get me to make rash purchasing decisions out of desperation. A few years back, for example, I found myself spending good money on the awful GTA4. Three hours on my HDD and it was gone...along with my money. I was a stupid decision from the get-go, but I was desperate!

    And now I have done it again.

    But don't be too quick to do a face-palm ...
  3. Far Cry 3: MEIV Day 3

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    Ready for some more tropical highjinks? Turns out day 3 was more interesting than the previous day!

    First, I got attacked by a shark. Ouch. Funny story: I was returning from a night mission when some pirates started chasing me as I drove my hunk of junk. It being dark and all, I got lost and found myself racing along some beach, dodging incoming fire the whole way. I don't recall how, but I wound up driving right off the beach and into the ocean. The engine died and the car just floated there. Having no choice that ...
  4. Far Cry 3: My Excellent Island Vacation

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    Ahh, a tropical island and guns. Is that not the perfect formula for a great vacation? The mere fact that the island in question is named "Rook" seems to suggest that this is the tourist destination for me. Here are some photos of how I spent my time on Rook these past 24 hours (game time):

    Not much to do at night...just I decided to do some bounty hunting. ...
  5. Borderlands: The Other Stalker

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    Wow, a rarity to report: I actually finished another SP campaign, this time from the original Borderlands! As I mentioned elsewhere, I rarely finish game campaigns because I just hardly ever find the stories to be all that interesting. Generally, I just indulge myself with the game until I get bored with it. Then I either delete it from my HDD or just move on to the inevitable sequel, knowing full well that I probably didn't miss much story-wise, and the follow-on title is going to fill me in on the details anyway.

    But ...
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