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  1. Get Your Snoopy On!

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    It is one of those things where one game leads to another, which leads to another.... In this case the instigator was Red Orchestra 2. As I detailed here, I've been having a blast with the Rising Storm expansion. Well, after playing on a bunch of servers that also hosted the core Ost Front content, I started to notice that maps which favored armored warfare were coming up quite infrequently in the rotation. Truth be told this is no big loss as I hate how RO2 restricts armored vehicles to players who choose the role of crewman/tank commander. ...
  2. Syria gasses rebels: Obama to declare war?

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    I would hate for US troops to be involved, but I think its time for the international community to get involved to not only help balance the strategic equation but also help the people of Syria.
    Perhaps, but I certainly won't be volunteering to lead the charge on that one. Let's let Germany, France, and Canada supply the troops for Syria. They're always saying that the US sucks at peacekeeping, so here's a golden opportunity for them to show everyone how it's done.

    Just kidding.

    In truth I hope no one has to get involved in this. It's too crappy.
  3. Game Over?

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    I made a startling realization today: E3, the world's greatest gaming confab, starts tomorrow...and I just don't care. And it is not just me, but seemingly a lot of other people don't care as well because the pre-convention chatter is almost non-existent this time around. Usually by now, the interwebs would be thick with expectation, anticipation, and countless E3 leaks about one hot game or another. This definitely is not the case case this year. In fact, the only reason I was reminded that E3 was just around the corner was due to PR ...
  4. eASLRB part 2

    After looking at the word files for VotG and noting the disadvantages of them I thought it best to try and build on the base that I already had in one of the current versions of the book as an already computerised file. Weighing up the advantages of the two, clearer HTML file or more complex JavaScript but a more modern file, I decided to try and learn how the JavaScript version was put together.
    To do this I opened the "js" files in notepad and looked at the syntax they used:

    paragraph("23.2","LEVELS","All ground level hexes of building ...
  5. Creating the easlrb

    As many of you know I'm working on this for my own satisfaction and thought it might be a good idea to set out how it's being done and how I'm getting on.

    The first eRB I got hold of was an HTML copy if the first edition rules. Well presented and clear.

    The second edition rules I got hold of were in a JavaScript format that I knew nothing about. Since ths set had chapters a-O already, it was this I decided to expand upon.

    Enforce attempting this, the one piece of equipment you need is a decent scanner. Luckily this is not expensive and every printer ...
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