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  1. FCRS: The Thieving Bear

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    Wow, this was a long time coming: I am actually going to blog about a traditional, chit-based wargame! I think this is a first in the many years I have been blogging here! That, if nothing else, says a lot about how mainstream gaming has fallen and cannot seem to get up.

    Of course that isn't the only reason I am going to blog about a wargame. It just so happens that the fellas of On Target Simulations have come up with a mighty fine wargame that even a retired grog like me can get behind, one packed with all the realism that the ...
  2. Poe's Sabbath Eternal Woe

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    Wrapped in chains and glistening,
    Shadows twist with silent whistling

    Frozen behemoth lays in groaning state,
    Beyond the doom of lingering fate

    Echoing screams of unheard lies,
    Broken dreams wither and dies

    Darkness falls upon the scene,
    Final death creeps unseen

    Livestock moan with baleful eyes,
    Yet no one hears their tormented cries

    Dogs salivate at the masters meat,
    Loyally await upon his cold hard feet

    Burning flames lick the bricks,
    Smoke rises above
  3. A complete list of the links to Philippe's Napoleonic mods

    Quote Originally Posted by Philippe_at_bay View Post
    Since I don't use a website, a list of links will make it easier to check for updates.

    A few screenshots:

  4. Delaying the Devil Dogs: A Wargame ALB War Story

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    I'd thought I do another AAR, this time with me playing as the East Germans against the United States Marine Corps! Can I stop the famed Devil Dogs? Check and see. And to just switch things up a bit, for this AAR I will be using touched-up screenshots for a more realistic effect. Enjoy!

    Much of this fight revolved around what appeared to be some sort of shipping center, probably related to the local agricultural industry:

  5. Oh Canada: the Assault on Delta 3

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    It looked like such a nice place to work. I mean, the map merely referred to it as 'Delta 3', but it must really have had a much nicer name that that:

    Sure, it was only two agro centers - Agro South and Agro North, as I referred to them - but what nice places they were. I imagined myself as someone who had to work there, imagined driving through the pastoral fields, admiring the ...
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