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  1. Heresy!!

    by , 15 Jan 14 at 04:50 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am an equipment guy. SWs, and especially Ordnance – blasting away at things with a heavy gun, over open sights . . . ah, that's the life for me! And so ASL's Appendix H is a godsend to me - a well researched and detailed compilation of Equipment. That Appendix's existence, to me, justifies by itself all the blood sweat and tears shed over the development of the system to date.

    Now, ATRs can't hump themselves about the board, any more than DCs can throw themselves, so that means I have to have some sort of system for dealing with the targ . . ...

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  2. DYO terrain

    by , 15 Jan 14 at 03:50 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    I have already addressed corrections to ASL's pricing system for DYO. But that still leaves terrain set-up, and VC/objectives.

    The Kibbler system had a pretty solid terrain generation system, but more boards have come out since then, which may make that system unsatisfactory for some player's purposes. I can't begin to update that system on my own, but I may be able to offer the outline of a minimalist alternative.

    The simplest functional terrain setup system I've ever seen is from a highly compressed variant of the DBMM miniatures system, called "DBMM ...
  3. Duke Lucidio The Ripper

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    Somebody alert Rock Paper Gloria Steinem: we have a bona fide misogynist on our hands. And he started out as such a nice guy. Duke Lucidio was the heir of the Portucale duchy, having inherited it from his father Vimara, a rather mediocre, if just, duke. And, yes, he is an actual historical personality:

    Lucídio Vimaranes was the second Count of Portugal within the Kingdom of Asturies. He was the son of Vímara Peres. Following his death, the county passed out of the family, but he is thought to have been ancestor of Count Alvito Nunes, who in the
  4. My own DYO

    by , 03 Jan 14 at 19:59 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    Suggestions for improvements in the DYO system (or anything else, really) tend to get a poor reception around here. Some of the gentler responses were along the lines of 'you want it, do it yourself!'

    Well, upon consideration, that's a fine idea.
    I've done it before, coming up with new, historically justified stratagems for DBMM. I did it for Old SL, on this very topic, 30 years ago. I can do this.

    First, I must offer an apologia for why I, and I suspect Sgt. Rock, gave the impression of feeling entitled to a better DYO system. Put simply, ASL is behind the ...

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  5. Bestest Forumite, EVerrrrrrr!

    by , 03 Jan 14 at 17:54 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    As I write this, we are electing a "Forumite MVP" for last year.
    I was a member for something like three days last years, so I am perhaps not competent to offer an opinion on that. But perusing the list of nominees, I noticed none of the people that have been especially useful to me are on it.
    While I cannot claim this is an injustice, I would like to offer credit where credit is due. So: My personal Honor Roll, in descending order -

    Snudl: He says his statistical analysis of BPV is worthy of an MA thesis - and I believe him. Kudos!

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