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  1. Scenario Review Post

    by , 02 Jan 14 at 22:53 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    In this post, I will review specific variant modules. I will edit the post to add new scenarios as I get time to get to them.

    One issue that applies to all of these. Pittcavage has claimed that some of Wilder's modules in the past have come with their counters uncut. I am not in position to contradict this, but all the ones I bought (6 and counting now) came razor cut, and the counters bagged.
    Unfortunately, this opens the way to a different problem - missing counters. I counted a few Leaders absent from the mix. But since most ASL players have scads of extra counters lying ...

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  2. How I Got Here

    by , 01 Jan 14 at 23:48 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    I have not been an active participant on game-related forums until very recently, and the reasons I am at the moment are exceptional enough to warrant mentioning.

    After drifting away from SL in the late 80's (like so many others), a took up ASL recently, mostly as an act of charity towards my main gaming partner, who is known here as Sgt. Rock. We both mostly play miniatures, ancients having been our 'main squeeze' for awhile. But he also has a fascination with WW2, probably because his father served in France. He kept buying ASL stuff, and hinting that he wanted to play. ...
  3. My experience with The CHANGE OVER.

    by , 01 Jan 14 at 03:39 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    I started playing Old SL back in college. Before I left, I was playing Crescendo, and liking it.

    When ASL first came out, fairly hot on the heels of GI, I remember the local gaming community just folding their arms, almost as one, and turning away. In the course of a year, SL games just dried up.

    This was not because it was thought that ASL was fundamentally inferior. Sure, it was understood that it would be awhile before enough supplements would come out to bring the detail up to the level of GI, but that wasn't it; they'd waited plenty long for GI. Rather, ...

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  4. Reviewed: I Declare War

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    I Declare War, a recent independent film from Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson, is definitely a movie that deserves wider attention, especially from gamers. In many ways this movie is a love letter to gamers everywhere who grew up playing "War" or "Soldier" with their buddies after school.

    In fact, that is precisely what this movie is about: a fierce game of make believe War between two very competitive kids: P. K Sullivan, the undefeated, calculating master of the game (expertly played by Gage Munroe), and Quinn ...
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  5. FCRS: The Thieving Bear

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    Wow, this was a long time coming: I am actually going to blog about a traditional, chit-based wargame! I think this is a first in the many years I have been blogging here! That, if nothing else, says a lot about how mainstream gaming has fallen and cannot seem to get up.

    Of course that isn't the only reason I am going to blog about a wargame. It just so happens that the fellas of On Target Simulations have come up with a mighty fine wargame that even a retired grog like me can get behind, one packed with all the realism that the ...
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