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  1. WALB: Talon versus Claw

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    Russia. Crimea. Ukraine. What more needs to be said?

    This battle began when some Soviet recon and ATGM units were detected coming south towards Echo 1, an objective my US Army boys recently captured. I called in an F-4 Phantom to chew them up a bit:

    It did the trick. We killed one or two units, with the rest pulling off the road in a hurray. Unfortunately, ...
  2. Thought about buying a Playstation 4 the other day

    What the hell is the world coming to? I hate console systems and bash on them all the time, mainly because the games suck the the systems are a joke compared to a crappy, five-year-old PC. But I also dislike them because they put faceless corporations in charge of which games get made and which ones don't, which is tantamount to giving them final say over what we all get to play and what we don't. No thanks, I like to make my own decisions thank you very much.

    So why would I even consider buying one? Honestly, I have no idea. Perhaps is was a moment of weakness.
  3. And now for something Completely Different - THAvajiz!

    by , 25 Jan 14 at 22:21 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    This post will be about a role-playing system I just digested, so any ASLers may want to just glaze over this one.

    A local GM has recently been trying to get me to join his Savage Worlds campaign. I successfully resisted, but in the process, I got a good long look at the system.
    Which had been an issue before now. I maintain an interest in state of the art of game design, which means I try to keep track of the mechanics of new systems. But every time I made inquiry about Savage Worlds to one of its boosters, I would get a lot of buzz words, but no actual answers. ...
  4. The Black SS Counter Question

    by , 21 Jan 14 at 02:14 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    A few days ago, I noted that one of the regulars I follow on this forum was waxing eloquent on the impropriety of having special rules, and counters, for SS troops.

    This kind of startled me, as the fellow in question is absolutely beyond doubt a bright guy, and not at all the sort of fellow whose thoughts I was comfortable writing off out of hand.

    Now, I will cheerfully admit that early in the war, the SS was considered unprofessional by their Wehrmacht 'siblings', but later in the war, many formations demonstrated advantages in performance, especially in ...
  5. Heresy!!

    by , 15 Jan 14 at 04:50 (Can't see what all the fuss is about . . .)
    As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am an equipment guy. SWs, and especially Ordnance blasting away at things with a heavy gun, over open sights . . . ah, that's the life for me! And so ASL's Appendix H is a godsend to me - a well researched and detailed compilation of Equipment. That Appendix's existence, to me, justifies by itself all the blood sweat and tears shed over the development of the system to date.

    Now, ATRs can't hump themselves about the board, any more than DCs can throw themselves, so that means I have to have some sort of system for dealing with the targ . . ...

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