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  1. Verdun : Inside the Fort de Vaux

    My first stop in this pilgrimage was for the Fort de Vaux.
    During the Verdun Battle the assault against the fort occured from June 1st up June 7th

    Let's havea look inside the fort, the quality of this picture is not perfect but it gives you the reality of the inside of the fort, moisty, dark cold, during the battle there was odors of powder, gas, death and other ones!!!

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    This picture shows Fort sleeping room

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Name:	Fort de Vaux chambrée.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Fort de vaux Infirmerie.jpg 
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ID:	33630 Here is the infirmary of the fort
  2. A Not So Quick Review of Battle: Los Angeles

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    This is it! The moment you've been waiting for. Nay, the moment you've been demanding! It is time for my review of Battle: Los Angeles. And we all know that when it comes to cinematic sci-fi, my review is the only one that counts.

    Let's cut to the chase. As a movie, Battle: Los Angeles is....


    Hold on a second.

    Did I ever tell you that XCOM is one of my favorite games of all time? Yeah, it is. I *loved* that game. XCOM, or for you Brits, UFO: Enemy Unknown, was the first
  3. A Quick Review of Bobby Fischer Against the World

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    [Hurray! Back to Chess! ]

    Things are coming up Chess, and in a big way. Chess is clearly experiencing a second golden era, largely due to the arrival of the affordable PC and internet. Contrary to the warnings of certain pundits who forecasted that Chess would soon be “played out” due to extensive computer analysis and information sharing via the internet, Chess has actually become the stronger for it, with new and ever more daring lines of play being explored in countless online games and over the board tournaments. But even beyond
  4. Quick Review of EVE: The Empyrean Age

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    Well, I finally finished the book and here is what I think:

    If you would ask me what I like most about EvE Online, I would say its seafaring aspects. Even though it might deal with spaceships, at its heart it is a game that has far more in common with The Old Man and the Sea than it does with Star Wars. EvE is all about the lone captain and his craft, out to score a big fish in a very large, very dangerous stellar ocean. Unfortunately, Tony Gonzales’ EVE: The Empyrean Age ultimately fails to capture that essence for more than a
  5. Today I Buried a Squirrel

    Name:  squirrel.jpg
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Size:  47.7 KB's slow out there in the world of gaming. Well, not totally slow. Gaming has recently been blessed with the wonderful indie title Frozen Synaspe (it has been garnering straight 9/10s & 4/5s...I told you it was good!), and Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy has been sneaking into my playlist as well. And I am sure this week is going to be super-busy what with E3 kicking off, so stay tuned for a lot of news (fingers crossed), hopefully with some of it proving exciting enough to remind me why I am a gamer in the first place. Outside of that
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