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Issues and topics unrelated to gaming.

  1. Reviewed: Wolfhound from the Grey Hound Clan

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    So I watched that remake of Conan the Barbarian the other day. You know, the one starring the guy with the funny last name? I was preparing to write a review but I found the story to be so thoroughly wearisome that it didn’t even merit the effort to ridicule it in public. That is saying something as I was never a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscle-headed original and figured they could only go up…but I guess I underestimated the extravagant incompetence of modern Hollywood. What a waste of time that movie turned out to be.

    So, in
  2. My take on Sons of Anarchy

    After reading what other people had to say about Sons of Anarchy in this thread, I decided to give the series a try. I can report I'm now caught up after picking up the set on DVD and it's been a fun, if somewhat bizarre, ride.

    For those unfamiliar with the series, the story revolves around an outlaw motorcycle club which thrives in the small town of Charming. The fictional club has clearly been loosely based on the real life Hells Angels, and many of trappings of "one percenter" outlaw motorcycle culture are an integral part of the basic story. Like their real life counterparts, ...
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  3. I want to be a Troll Hunter!

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    (…but not the internet kind)

    I’ve been watching more and more foreign films lately. Strangely, I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit, sub-titles and all. Most of these films have been thoughtful dramas of the sort that Hollywood once made, back when every flick didn’t have to revolve around some juvenile cause célèbre, but could deal with real world issues that the average Joe could relate to. However, of late I’ve been noticing that even when it comes to a modern Hollywood’s mainstay – FX-laden sci-fi / fantasy stories – foreign studios
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  4. Communists from Outer Space

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    I’m always on the lookout for some scratch, a little something to get my crate further along the New Eden power curve. That’s how I wound up in the awful backwater system of Eitu III.

    While on the way to drop off some hitchhikers looking for a free ride to Oiniken, I get this vidmail from some yap in Eitu by the name of Okita…Okito…Okaydokey, whatever. Anyway, he said he got my name from a contractor I did business with a few years back - I can’t recall the guy, but that’s not surprising since I tend to remember ISK better than names
  5. On the Shadow of a Zerg-Infested Screen

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    Ever since I first downloaded the demo late last year, Starcraft II has proven to be a compelling PC gaming experience for me. Starcraft II is one of the few recent examples of what a true PC-exclusive title can be. Unlike the flurry of 2011’s high profile console ports that merely provide enhanced graphic option for PC gamers, Blizzard’s platinum RTS title oozes the type of deep quality that can only be achieved when a game is single-mindedly designed for our beloved PCs from the ground up, without any compromises being made for other platforms along
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