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  1. Core Module Sequencing

    So far, the following core modules exist as published by MMP (i.e., laid out by MMP, not AH) so in theory can be reprinted any time needed and capital is available:

    • Beyond Valor (Germans/Russians/Partisans/Finn infantry)
    • For King and Country (British Commonwealth)
    • Armies of Oblivion (Axis Minors)

    The following are in progress by the MMP trolls or waiting to be printed (titles not necessarily decided):

    • Doomed Battalions v3 (Allied Minors)
    • Code of Bushido/PTO v2 (Japanese/Chinese/US Marines)
    • Hollow Legions/Desert v2

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  2. New Deluxe Boards?

    I need some feedback, please.

    For those who enjoy DASL, what sort of terrain would you like to see on any new Deluxe boards? Right now, the existing 8 boards work in groups of 4, and it seems proper to me to continue that idea.

    So a-d are dense urban; e-h are bocage/farmland; i-l and m-p would be...?
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  3. Bitter Ender '09

    I'm making my first trip to Bitter Ender in Raleigh, NC next weekend. I try to go to one new (to me) tournament every year. Last Year it was the Texas Team Tournament in Austin (hot as hell but the food oh my yummy) and Winter Offensive, of course. It's hard to pass up one I can actually drive my car to.

    I love meeting the local folks and getting to know some new people, playing the different regional styles, and seeing those internet personalities in the flesh. Funny that they never look the way you thought.

    I also love hotels. Maybe that's the real reason ...
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  4. Play Test @ YouseHouse

    Last night Kevin Valerian and I play tested a scenario slated for Hakkaa Päälle called Torment at Tormua; big Russian horde attacking Finns on boards 42 & 52. Funny how play testing goes because we both looked at the card, which had recently been revised to help the Finns, and we thought there was no way in hell the Russians could lose.

    Lo and behold after only two turns the Russians had pretty much been stomped into the ground, in part due to an overconfidence Kevin had developed about Russian invincibility in the scenario. Lots of things went right for the Finns, it's true, ...
  5. this thing on??

    Let's see if anyone finds this blog...