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An outlet for me, Rich Hamilton - HPS Support, to share thoughts and updates on the products we make at HPS Simulations and to comment on things from the on-line gaming community that exists to play our games.

  1. TC III Schedule of Events

    Here's the schedule of events for all interested parties...hope to see some of y'all there!
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  2. We have a need...

    We are in need of some recordings in Hungarian. If you, or anyone you know can help us out with this please drop us a note at Support@hpssims.com
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  3. New Ancients Blog

    Al Amos has created a new blog primarily dedicated to the Ancient Warfare series from HPS Simulations & Paul Bruffell. Check it out here if you have an interest:


    So far I think he's done a nice job and its worth a look-see.
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  4. Scenario Designers Notes for Midway

    There are few battles in American History more famous than Midway, and like many famous battles, it is one that is misunderstood by many. Much of that misunderstanding is born of the titles of the two most famous books about the battle: “Impossible Victory” and “Miracle at Midway”.

    Why wasn’t that battle an “Impossible Victory” or a “Miracle”? If you look at the forces the two sides took to the battle, the IJN advantage seems to bear out titles like that. The Japanese had far more ships, far more men, far more of pretty much everything.

    However, there was one major ...
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  5. PzC: Sealion Designer Notes part 2

    Sealion ‘40 Scenario List

    #%00_Started.scn Getting Started, The Basics
    #%0924_01_Sealion_Campaign.scn 0924_01: Sealion in Sept - Short (24 Sept - 10 Oct)
    #%0924_02_Sealion_Long_CG.scn 0924_02: Sealion in Sept - Long (24 Sept - 31 Oct)
    #%0927_01_Ashore_Day4_CG.scn 0927_01: Sealion - All Ashore on D+4
    #%0930_10_Dry_Feet_Day7_CG.scn 0930_09: Sealion Dry Feet Campaign (30 Sep - 31 Oct)
    #%_0713_01_Sealion_July_CG.scn 0713_01: Sealion Campaign (13 July)
    #0924_11_Dover.scn 0924_11: 16th Army Elite at Dover
    #0924_12_Eastbourne.scn 0924_12: ...
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