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  1. Designer Notes: France ‘14 - Part III


    Replacements is the strength recovery of a unit based on the individual unit's replacement rate that is applied in the Order of Battle. Replacements are in addition to the recovery rate (if any) which is specified in the parameters data. It important to familiarize yourself with replacements and how to get the maximum amount of replacements to your units. The most critical aspect of gaining replacements is the Local Supply Level. First World War Campaigns titles are meant to be played with the Virtual Supply Truck optional rule activated. By activating this rule, your ...
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  2. Designer Notes: France ‘14 - Part II

    The German Army


    German jäger battalions were an item of frustration. Some sources place jäger battalions as a corps level asset, however, other sources and historical accounts place the same jäger units in various German cavalry divisions. Thus, in 1914, it was decided to place most of these active jäger battalions in the cavalry divisions since it is indisputable that they were indeed attached to some of these divisions at some point. However, it may be noticed that the jäger assignments are in no way uniform. Historically, some German cavalry divisions ...
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  3. Designer Notes: France ‘14 - Part I

    Designer Notes: France ‘14

    With the end to diplomacy in the summer of 1914, Germany marched into Belgium in the first week of August to win a crushing victory with their finely tuned, but heavily modified, Schlieffen Plan. Germany saw many initial successes in France and Belgium in August and early September, and victory seemed like a forgone conclusion. However, defying all odds, the weary French and British made an about face and counter attacked along the Marne, crushing the Schlieffen Plan, and halting the German advance.

    The 1914 conflict in France would be the ...
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  4. Red Victory Operations, part II

    046.Lipovac – 29 May 1944 – 18 turns
    “Help From The Skies”
    Near Lipovac, 15 KM West of Mitrovica, Croatia

    Although "Operation Rösselsprung" is largely known for the daring airborne assault on Drvar; there were many small battles in different parts of Bosnia and Croatia. In most of these battles, Tito's partisans desperately tried to slow the axis forces and gain time for their comrades trying to disengage and seek shelter
    in the mountains. As another interesting note, allied air forces assisted the partisan forces during these hard times. The assistance was ...
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  5. Red Victory Operations, part I

    Moved during June and had very little pc time, so just getting around to this...

    Red Victory Operations

    This document is designed to be used with the Scenario_Map.pdf file located in the main game directory, which provides a representation of the eastern front and the general locations of the actions listed here.

    The first 5 scenarios are not listed on the map as they are training scenarios.

    000.Getting Started - 28 June 1944 – 18 turns
    “Tank Cavalry at Slutsk”
    Near Slutsk, Bobruisk - Baranovichi Road

    After ...
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