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An outlet for me, Rich Hamilton - HPS Support, to share thoughts and updates on the products we make at HPS Simulations and to comment on things from the on-line gaming community that exists to play our games.

  1. Punic & Gallic Wars updated

    After a period of quiet things have begun to move again on the HPS site. We've released updates to Punic Wars & Gallic Wars. Punic includes a total reworking of most of the scenarios to incorporate new features and improve gameplay. Get them both here:

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  2. Jutland updated

    Naval Campaigns: Jutland has been updated, bring the engine up to speed with the new changes from Midway & yes, so air elements have been added in as well as new scenarios. Get it here:

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  3. France '14 scenarios & finishing notes & tips

    Scenario Notes

    Getting Started: The Guns of August

    This scenario is meant to demonstrate the awesome firepower of the German siege guns against forts.

    Many Belgian fortress garrisons surrendered from the siege gun bombardment. Instead of having Belgian units automatically withdrawn from the map, the surrendering procedure works perfectly when you disrupt *all* of the defenders of the fort with the siege guns, then surround and follow up with infantry assaults. When executed correctly, this procedure will yield large quantities of captured Belgian garrison ...
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  4. New Ancient Warfare updates posted...

    The guys on the Ancient Warefare team have been hard at work hammering on the games and refining them to make them better than ever. This has resulted in updates for all four current titles in the series, which you can check out here:

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  5. France '14 1.01 update

    A first update has been released this weekend for the new France '14 game:


    Changes to France '14 V1.01
    - Change so that Interdiction attacks have twice the chance of Disruption and can cause the loss of up to half the movement allowance in movement points.
    - Added a range 1 hard target artillery fire modifier (see Users Manual under Firing).
    - Added Optional Rule for delayed reporting of enemy Disruption.
    - Added Quality Fire Modifier Parameter Data Value which ...
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