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An outlet for me, Rich Hamilton - HPS Support, to share thoughts and updates on the products we make at HPS Simulations and to comment on things from the on-line gaming community that exists to play our games.

  1. More ACW Updates

    This afternoon we posted updates for Gettysburg & Vicksburg, which brings the entire series up to date with all the latest enhancements.

    Get them here.
  2. Punic Wars Expansion Pack 1 Released

    Today we have released the first expansion package for Punic Wars, the first title in the new Ancient Warfare series.

    This package includes 17 new scenarios for actions such as:

    Lake Trasimene
    Metaurus River
    The Great Plains

    The package also includes 27 maps, 15 of which are not used in the scenarios, so plenty of ground to create custom scenarios with.

    Grab your copy here -

  3. New Updates Released

    We have just released updates for 5 games in our Civil War Battles series. These updates resolve a new issue found in the campaign game function when played on Vista machines (good ol' Microsoft.) They also add in the new engine enhancements released since Atlanta & Chickamauga have come out. You can get them all here:

  4. Recent happenings at HPS Simulations


    HPS Simulations is now in its 17th year of publishing. During that time more than 50 titles have been published covering from 300 BC, with the recently released Punic Wars, to modern day actions with such titles as Point of Attack 2, North German Plain '85, and most recently Soviet Afghan War. Other areas of history are also covered such as World War II, American Civil War & Napoleonic Warfare.

    One of the hallmarks of HPS has always been the company's policy of standing behind the products ...
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