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An outlet for me, Rich Hamilton - HPS Support, to share thoughts and updates on the products we make at HPS Simulations and to comment on things from the on-line gaming community that exists to play our games.

  1. A further hint or two...

    Both upcoming games are from John Tiller Software...

    Both are from existing series of games...
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  2. Eckmuhl updated

    A new update has been posted for Campaign Eckmuhl tonight:


    Aiming to have all the games in this series updated soon.

    NOTE: Starting with this version, no CD-check is performed by the
    main program and all documentation is supported only in PDF format,
    available from the Help menu in each application.

    Changes to Campaign Eckmuhl 1.13
    - Change so that Infantry can melee attack mounted Cavalry in Obstructed terrain.
    - Change so that Artillery Weather ...
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  3. Admiring the sea...

    Aah, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves...whether its standing on the beach or riding the waves - its a powerful experience...mix in a few explosions and some burnt gunpowder and I'm all set!
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  4. WW Updated

    SB: Winter War has been updated which completes the series update for the Squad Battles games. They all have had the CD check removed plus a large number of enhancements, depending on when it was released relative to the updates:


    This series still has some excellent new content coming your way too, so stay tuned!
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  5. REN & SAW updated

    Our continued efforts to support our products bring you an update for The Renaissance & Soviet Afghan War this time around.


    Both updates remove the requirement to have the CD in the drive.

    The REN update is a large one, bringing the promised 3D graphics into the game as well as some requested engine tweaks, scenario adjustments for AI performance, and other adjustments.

    We hope you enjoy the updates!
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