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  1. Meet Donald the Crusader

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    I am developing a love-hate relationship with Crusader Kings 2. First the hate: I really hate the fact that this game is so wonderful that I feel compelled to keep writing these AARs! I've pretty much have got an on-going novella here. But this game is just so entrancing and fantastically unpredictable that I must continue my chronicle!

    I'll get to the love part later.

    When we last left off, Donald, grandnephew of King Scott the Just, had ascended the throne when Scott peacefully departed this kingdom for the next. Not ...
  2. The Continuing Adventures of House Mac Aeda

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    It's good to be king...at least most of the time, anyway. Especially if you are of House Mac Aeda.

    When last I left off, Duke Miles I, after placing his son on the throne in the wake of the rebellion against King Eric, had died. Now, King Archibald I, the first king of my line, was in charge of a whole kingdom. Unfortunately, King Archibald would not reign long, just ten short years, before he would follow Duke Miles to the next kingdom (seeing how he was otherwise young and healthy, I just know foul play was involved.
  3. The Chronicle of Duke Aengus I of Moray

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    After my interesting, if brief, experience with Princess Gruoch I, I decided to begin a second game that is sort of the unofficial continuation of that first campaign. This time I set the date nine years after the death of Gruoch - thus, the year 1090 - but stuck with my beloved Scottish duchy of Moran. Here is the tale that unfolded.

    I discovered that my character was the 12 year old Duke Aengus I, son of the dead Aed Mac Aeda and my old character Duchess Gruoch, who was alive and well in this alternate timeline. Being 12 years old, I
  4. The Princess Gruoch I

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    Yesterday dropped my first anticipated title of 2012: Paradox's Crusader Kings 2. While I did own the original, I never played it that much because I found it to be one of those games that had a great idea but could have been executed better, particularly in the UI department which made everything more difficult than it needed to be. Well, after playing last week's demo of the sequel, Crusader Kings 2, I was gratified to see that Paradox made many of the necessary changes and now the game is really beginning to shine. While you will have to wait a
  5. The Frustration

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    I've been increasingly feeling that miniatures itch. And that scares me. The last time I fell for board games and miniatures was during the gaming drought of the late '90s. Don't want to go out on a limb here, but despite the release of a number of strong titles over the past year, I am increasingly finding myself bored by PC gaming. Seems like most of the stuff coming out these days, while having nice chrome, just doesn't hold my attention for long because the chrome quickly dulls, leaving that whole "been there, done that" feeling in its ...
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