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Religion and Theology

  1. Of Gods and Men

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    The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church." - Tertullian

    Lately, I've seen lots of awful moves. And I have seen a handful of fun movies. But I think it has been quite a long time since I have seen a beautiful movie. I attribute this sad state of affairs to the pervasive meanness of the modern entertainment industry, particularly Hollywood. By this I mean that most movies these days lack any sort of nobility of soul, for lack of a better phrase. Instead, we find almost every film to possess a hollow core - one that no amount
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  2. Today I Buried a Squirrel

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Size:  47.7 KB's slow out there in the world of gaming. Well, not totally slow. Gaming has recently been blessed with the wonderful indie title Frozen Synaspe (it has been garnering straight 9/10s & 4/5s...I told you it was good!), and Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy has been sneaking into my playlist as well. And I am sure this week is going to be super-busy what with E3 kicking off, so stay tuned for a lot of news (fingers crossed), hopefully with some of it proving exciting enough to remind me why I am a gamer in the first place. Outside of that
  3. B16!

    “Man was not just thrown up into the world by some quirk of evolution. The underlying truth is that each person is meant to exist. Each person is God’s own idea. Within everything that just for the moment exist factually, a plan and an idea are at work, and this gives meaning to my search for my own ideal self and to my coexistence with the world and with the onward path of history.” - Pope Benedict XVI

    Some quick observations on Pope Benedict’s trip to America:

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