Gaming with tabletop miniature systems.

  1. Tomorrow's War: You Made Me Do This (Revisited)

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    Almost a year ago to the day, I posted a blog entry entitled "You Made Me Do This!" In a nutshell, it was my rant about the terrible state of PC gaming. At the time I had every intention of checking out of PC gaming and devoting my free time to board games and miniatures, something I hadn't done since the mid to late '90s. Unfortunately, that never came to pass. Shortly after setting up my first game of Tomorrow's War, I became ill and had to let it sit fallow for a few weeks. By the time I felt better, the madness of the holidays had arrived ...
  2. You Made Me Do This!

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    ...And by "this" I mean a return to tabletop gaming. Oh, and by "you" I mean you lousy game developers. Okay, that might be a bit harsh, but I am angry. Very angry. You have killed PC gaming for me.

    Kaput. Finished. Done. I just can't take anymore of the slop being shoveled my way. And I certainly tried to put up with it for as long as possible. I mean, just take a look at this blog, one of my many, many blogs, where I desperately tried to put lipstick on a pig. But in the final analysis it has proven to be ...
  3. And So It Begins: Part II

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    Ah, Larry Leadhead. I was reading you even when my flirtation with minis was over. I hope we haven't seen the end of such a great comic strip now that I am getting involved in the hobby again!

    (BTW: you can still read the interview I did with LL's creators, Eric Hotz and Doug Hamm, here.)

    Well, today was a great day. After being dead in the water the last week because my paint collection was largely dried up and useless, today my new batch of supplies arrived and I was off painting my set of Ogre minis!
  4. Wargaming is Fun Again!

    I *loved* Battlefront's Combat Mission. Even though I was never particularly partial to WWII gaming (exploring a hypothetical WWIII is what got me into wargaming), CMx1 was such a fantastic title that it gripped me like no other WWII wargame had. To see all the different weaponry of that period come to such vivid life was an absolutely thrilling experience.

    But there was more to it than that. CM was also a fantastic gaming experience because it thoroughly captured the miniatures experience. Alas, I was never the type to invest much time or money into building an actual miniatures ...