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  1. The Not-So-Secret Secret World

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    I think one the greatest events in any gamer's life is that magical moment when he knows that he has discovered an original game universe, one that he intuitively knows he will be exploring and enjoying for a great many years to come. Such moments are unfortunately rare. Gaming is no different than other media, be it books, television, or movies: works of true genius are exceedingly rare, so such magical movements are few and far between. For me, I've only had two such gaming moments: when I first discovered the fantastically grim military science ...
  2. Your Friendly Guide to DCGs

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    As I just blogged about, I am getting increasingly fatigued by modern gaming. Everything is "hurry, hurry, hurry!" Or, if not that, it is often about "second life" experiences. That is, it is about deep experiences where the player can invest hundreds and hundreds of hours immersing himself in a virtual world almost as tangible as his material reality (games likeSkyrim and Eve Online, come to mind). Now, I am a fan of such experiences - in fact, I think such games are what is best about modern gaming - but it can get all so tiring after ...
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  3. Summer Games: Battlefield 4

    Lately, I've been pretty harsh on the world of PC gaming, even to the point of labeling the industry as being downright disreputable. I still stand behind those sentiments. And little, if anything, has changed in the intervening months. Things are still pretty rotten around these here parts, perhaps more so as we now can add disreputable indie developers to the mix. It's all enough to make a man want to take up chess again....

  4. WALB: Talon versus Claw

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    Russia. Crimea. Ukraine. What more needs to be said?

    This battle began when some Soviet recon and ATGM units were detected coming south towards Echo 1, an objective my US Army boys recently captured. I called in an F-4 Phantom to chew them up a bit:

    It did the trick. We killed one or two units, with the rest pulling off the road in a hurray. Unfortunately, ...
  5. Duke Lucidio The Ripper

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    Somebody alert Rock Paper Gloria Steinem: we have a bona fide misogynist on our hands. And he started out as such a nice guy. Duke Lucidio was the heir of the Portucale duchy, having inherited it from his father Vimara, a rather mediocre, if just, duke. And, yes, he is an actual historical personality:

    Lucídio Vimaranes was the second Count of Portugal within the Kingdom of Asturies. He was the son of Vímara Peres. Following his death, the county passed out of the family, but he is thought to have been ancestor of Count Alvito Nunes, who in the
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